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Propane for the Patio

Propane is an awesome fuel for inside your home – warmer heat, faster hot water and better cooking than electric.  But did you know that propane can do just as much on the outside of your home?  Summer is here and after a long winter, I know I prefer to be outside. Let’s see how adding propane appliances outside can help you make the most of your backyard.   And be sure to check out our Outdoor Living Brochure for even more info.

Grilling with Gas

Propane is the best choice for grilling.  There are no messy ashes to clean up, the grill is at the perfect temperature in minutes and you’re in control, choosing the exact temperature for your grilling needs.  We’ll get you cooking with gas in two ways, by connecting directly to a grill or providing your 20 pound cylinders.  You can choose the convenience of AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange or refill yourself through one of our filling stations.

The Perfect Patio

Propane can make your patio or deck picture perfect.  Propane-powered mosquito control will keep the bugs away.  A patio heater will keep the chill away in the spring or fall, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors.  Propane torches or lights provide the perfect ambiance.  Got a pool or spa?  Propane will keep the water at the perfect temperature.

AmeriGas is America’s Propane Company

AmeriGas is America’s largest propane provider, servicing over 1.3 million customers in all 50 states.  AmeriGas is best choice to help you make the most out of the inside and outside of your home.  Search for your nearest local office, a Cylinder Exchange or refill location and find out why we’re the most reliable, safest and most responsive propane company in America.

About Andy Hertzog

Andrew has been working for AmeriGas since 2003. For the last five years, he has been a Product Manager, developing strategies and programs for residential and commercial segments.
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