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Tampa Bay’s First Propane Fuel Event

On February 4, 2015, the Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition (TBCCC) held Tampa Bay’s first ever propane fuel event.

Hosted by the City of Tampa Fleet Maintenance Facility, the learning luncheon gathered 60 TBCCC members and industry stakeholders from the public and private sectors for an informational session on propane fuel.

Daryl Stewart, Chief of Operations for the City of Tampa Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Management, and Tim Perry, City of Tampa Fleet Manager, welcomed the group.

“The City of Tampa and the Solid Waste Department believe that alternative fuels are not just cost effective for business, but also just the right thing to do,” said Stewart. “With over 137 vehicles and growing, we realized it’s time we determine our own destiny. This is why we are dedicated to our partnership with the TBCCC.”

Steve Reich, TBCCC Coordinator, followed with general updates on the coalition. He also encouraged stakeholders to take advantage of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services offer to rebate up to 50% of the incremental cost of an original equipment manufacturer NGV or propane vehicle, or the cost of converting a vehicle to run on natural gas or propane. The program allows up to $25,000 per vehicle and $250,000 per applicant per fiscal year. Of the funds available for these rebates, 40% is reserved for government applicants and the remaining funds are allocated to commercial applicants.

Guest speakers also discussed the different aspects of propane use in business.

David Rigney, National Autogas Account Manager for AmeriGas, gave an overview of autogas, or propane vehicle fuel, detailing the physical properties, benefits, advantages, and safety considerations. He also covered the features of autogas dispensers, safety protocols, and the general process to dispense autogas.

“Refueling a propane vehicle takes about the same time as refueling a gasoline vehicle,” said Rigney. “Many people don’t know this, but propane is the only alternative fuel with fueling stations located in every state.”

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Convert to Propane this Mowing Season!

Thinking of making the switch to propane for the upcoming mowing season? Vansant’s, a lawnmower sales and service company, now offers Metro Lawn Propane Conversions at their location in Douglasville, GA. Vansant’s sells landscaping equipment– from mowers to arborist supplies – along with service and propane mower conversions.

Vansant’s owner and operator Mark Engram, completed a propane conversion on a re-powered Scag Tiger Cat. Engram was very pleased with ease of the installation and the appearance of the converted mower. Metro Lawn’s team; Chris Heirs, John Byrd, Ralph Poole, and conversion trainer Dave Calver were on site for the conversion and training. Vansant’s is certified on propane conversions and now offers Metro Lawn Propane Conversions on all major brands of equipment.

Metro Lawn, part of AmeriGas, offers training from our experts on propane conversions with ongoing support for all certified trainers, along with propane fuel support. Propane is a clean burning fuel and will reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs. Propane increases fuel savings – propane costs about 10-20% less than gasoline. It also reduces greenhouse emissions up to 70%.

Find out more about Metro Lawn Propane Conversions at Contact our Metro Lawn national account managers to find out your savings when you go green with your mowing needs.

If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in propane conversions, contact Mark Engram and his professional team at (770) 942-2060. Or go online to

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Products that use propane for homeowners

Propane can be used for a variety of applications in the home, and can provide homeowners with superior comfort and efficiency compared with other energy sources when natural gas is not available.

Space Heating

Propane is one of the most versatile space heating fuels on the market, letting homeowners choose from a wide range of propane-powered solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Water Heating

Propane water heaters cost up to 50 percent less to operate and can save up to one ton of greenhouse gas emissions each year compared with standard electric storage tank water heaters.


Professional chefs prefer cooking with gas heat over electric, so it’s no surprise that homeowners do, too. Propane-powered ovens and ranges provide a number of advantages over electric options, including performance and safety.

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3 Forklift Fuel Delivery Options

When forklift trucks are an integral part of your business, you need dependability and reliability with no downtime. To best meet your business needs, AmeriGas is proud to offer three forklift fuel delivery options:

1. Cylinder Exchange. AmeriGas monitors your propane usage and delivers full cylinders to keep you up and running.

2. On-Site Cylinder Refueling. Participate in our forecasted delivery service that provides propane to your location(s).

3. Bulk Tank Service. Opt for an on-site tank and dispenser to provide maximum flexibility with timely propane deliveries in bulk.

More Information about Propane-Powered Forklifts
To learn more about propane forklifts, check out these great resources:

4 Comparison Points: Propane vs Electric Forklifts

Re-Power Propane Forklifts Properly

How Many Forklift Cylinders Do You Need?

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Tony Rosback is our new Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

AmeriGas Propane, Inc., the general partner of AmeriGas Partners, L.P. (NYSE:APU), announced that Tony Rosback, age 52, will succeed Paul Grady as vice president and chief operating officer, effective March 23, 2015. As previously announced, Grady retired from AmeriGas on January 16, 2015.

Rosback most recently served as Senior Director, West Region Operations and North American Logistics of Williams Scotsman, Inc., a mobile and modular space and storage solution company. Prior to joining Williams Scotsman, Inc., Rosback was Senior Vice President & General Manager of the West Region at The Brickman Group Ltd., a commercial landscaping and property maintenance company. Previously, Rosback served in executive and operations leadership roles in various companies, including Republic Services, Inc. from 2006 to 2013 and Cintas Corporation from 1999 to 2006.

Rosback holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Miami University of Ohio and will report to Jerry Sheridan, president and chief executive officer of AmeriGas.

Sheridan said, “We are very pleased to welcome Tony to AmeriGas as a key member of our management team. He brings a strong background in operations leadership combined with a passion for excellent customer service. We believe Tony’s experience complements our existing capabilities and he will contribute to our continued success.”

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100th Day of School: Earn dollars for your school with the School Days Program

The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools around the country, usually in mid-February.

So you have plenty of time to start earning dollars for your school by participating in our School Days Program.  Since there is no start or end date, let’s start collecting those AmeriGas propane receipts and bring them to school.  Your school can earn $.02 for every gallon on said receipts and receive up to $2,000 a year to spend on whatever is needed to improve the educational experience.  There are many areas that our School Program can assist; books, computers, sporting equipment, band instruments, etc.

Our Brainerd, MN location has recently presented a check in the amount of $1,178 to Pillager High School which they will be using to update technological equipment.  So far this fiscal year we have paid out $28,736 to schools across the country.

AmeriGas offers this program to benefit schools in our community.  To see if your location participates in this program and to learn more, please call your local AmeriGas location.

Turn gallons into dollars and use those to enhance your children’s education.

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Origin Engines, PERC Launch Certified 9.1-Liter Propane Irrigation Engine

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In January, the Propane Education & Research Council and Origin Engines are announcing the release of a new, emissions-certified, 9.1-liter propane irrigation engine that will provide producers with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to expensive Tier 4 diesel models.

PERC invested in the development and commercialization of the engine and provided industry expertise to Origin, which has over three decades of experience designing and manufacturing engines for industrial, on-road, and irrigation applications. This is the third engine Origin has developed in its partnership with PERC.

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Guidelines For A Worry-Free Winter


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…and when it does, help us keep you warm this winter by remembering some helpful tips to ensure your propane appliances run smoothly and continuously throughout the winter. 

  • Remove snow and ice from your propane equipment and gas vents and keep  your driveway clear of snow and ice and sand all driveway inclines. 
  • Our propane delivery trucks are approximately two feet wider than a passenger car and much taller, so please keep trees and bushes that line your driveway trimmed, including low-hanging branches so that our driver can make your delivery without obstruction.  
  • If you have an underground tank, mark the location and provide a clear pathway for our driver. 
  • If you have a seasonal or vacation home that is unattended throughout the winter, please have a year-round neighbor monitor the level of propane in your tank.  When the percentage falls below 30%, call us for a delivery

Your safety is our priority and with your help, we can keep the cold outdoors! Learn more about weather-related safety at

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Space Heating: Propane options for homeowners

Propane is one of the most versatile space heating fuels on the market, letting homeowners choose from a wide range of propane-powered solutions to meet a variety of needs. Homeowners can choose from propane-powered furnaces, boilers, or hybrid systems that combine propane with an additional energy source. Propane-powered zone heaters and garage heaters provide homeowners with choices for additional heating needs. Visit the Propane Product Directory at PERC to view available propane-powered space heating products. Learn more about these products that use space heating at


High-efficiency propane furnaces provide energy, cost, and carbon savings in both new and existing homes. Heated air leaves the propane furnace at temperatures typically near 120 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly warmer than the delivery temperatures offered by electric heat pumps. Propane furnaces qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label;

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4 Comparison Points: Propane vs Electric Forklifts

If your business depends on forklifts to operate, you need to make an important decision: which fuel to use. The top two to compare are propane and electric. Here are 4 comparison points you need to consider:

1. Power/Torque. Propane forklifts maintain consistent, 100-percent power throughout operation. They have the ability to push heavy loads at full capacity, up and down inclines, faster, and for a longer amount of time than electric forklifts.

2. Speed.

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