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Law Enforcement Learn About Autogas at the Police Fleet Expo Southwest

Police Fleet Expo Southwest, Fort Worth,TX (image courtesy of

You know the old saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas” right? It proved true at a recent event, the Police Fleet Expo Southwest, where many were educated on propane autogas, the world’s most popular alternative fuel. The expo, Propane Autogas: Fueling Texas, which is part of the Propane Council of Texas’ public awareness and educational campaign, was held last month to increase awareness and educate police officers on the most efficient and innovative ways to manage vehicle fleets—including converting to propane autogas.

From an article on , here are some highlights that were covered at the expo:

“Law enforcement fleets are fueling with propane autogas because it’s dependable, reliable and safe,” said Jackie Mason, Education and Marketing Director of the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT). “Not only does autogas save taxpayer dollars, but it’s a domestically produced, green choice that’s consistent with the service-oriented mission of law enforcement officers.”

Incentives to converting law enforcement fleets over to propane autogas include savings between 30-50 percent on fuel costs. Autogas’s high octane rating means fleets spend less on maintenance costs and vehicle engines last longer—all without sacrificing the performance and range law enforcement officers depend on. Autogas vehicles also produce fewer harmful emissions, contributing to cleaner air in the communities officers proudly serve. Another important feature to take note on is that autogas tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks and can withstand up to four times the pressure, making autogas tanks more durable in an accident. Propane autogas has a lower flammability range than any other conventional fuel; and in one independent study, autogas tanks withstood direct hits from a variety of bullet calibers.

Between the over 700 fueling stations across Texas and the option of setting up on-site fueling stations, fleets have peace of mind that there is always place to fuel up accessible to their drivers.

To learn about Amerigas AutoGas, or converting your fleet to propane autogas, please contact your local AmeriGas account manager today!

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