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Forbes Energy Sector Outlook

A few months ago Forbes Insights released the results of a survey of 107 U.S.-based executive-level financial decision makers at middle market energy companies with information on energy prices and trends in the coming years.  Some of the most interesting findings (directly cited from the paper) involve energy independence and the potential for price shocks:

  • “Since the financial crisis bottomed out in March 2009, oil prices have been relatively steady (albeit rising). Looking ahead, 36% of respondents believed that in the next two years the country will suffer another oil shock.”
  • “More than one-quarter (27%) of executives predicted oil would be significantly higher (meaning 20% or greater than 2011’s average price of around $95 per barrel). Another 55% expected oil to be slightly higher than today’s price, while just 3% foresaw conditions in which oil could be significantly cheaper than today (down 20% or more) (see Figure 7 from their report).”

    2012 U.S. Energy Sector Outlook

    Forbes Insights: 2012 U.S. Energy Sector Outlook

  • “Executives see the potential toward American energy independence in the coming years, but are concerned that the regulatory environment, along with trouble in the financial world could dash that promise.”

With propane pricing closely tied to oil prices, we could be in for some volatile times ahead.  You can read the whole study on their site.

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