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Restaurant Owners & Managers: Have you looked at propane?

The cost of energy is a major component of a restaurant’s operating costs, with energy-intensive appliances and high demands on hot water and HVAC systems. Choosing energy-efficient propane kitchen appliances, space heating and water heating systems can lower those costs …

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Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants: Benefits of Propane

For hotel, resort and restaurant owners and operators, the two-prong path to profitability is simple: keep operating costs under control, and keep customers coming back time after time. Building hospitality buildings with propane provides an opportunity to offer delightful amenities …

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Restaurants Profit from Propane

When you think about how propane can assist with restaurants, most associate it with the cooking aspect of the business. True, it assists with ranges and ovens, but also in fryers, broilers, and flat tops.¬†Cooking would also include the restaurants …

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Tips for Restaurants to Conserve Energy

According to statistics provided by Conserve, an environmental initiative of the National Restaurant Association: “Restaurants use five times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings and five times more energy in the kitchen than in the rest of …

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The Secret Ingredient? Propane!

AmeriGas delivers to 1000′s of restaurants across the U.S. and while propane isn’t an ingredient per se (somehow propane isn’t mentioned in Escoffier’s Guide Culinaire), we’re proud of the role we play every day in these establishments.¬† In fact, propane …

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