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2012 Propane Pricing Trends from the EIA

Last week the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) published a short article looking back at natural gas liquids prices in 2012.  Besides propane, natural gas liquids include ethane (sometimes included with natural gas), butane (aka lighter fluid, among other uses), …

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Government Forecasts of Commercial Propane Pricing (Our Take on the U.S. EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2012 – Part 5)

As part of our series analyzing the U.S. Energy Information Administration’ s Annual Energy Outlook 2012, we presented an overview of oil pricing and the factors that affect it (oil prices prices being tightly linked to propane prices).  In that …

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Forbes Energy Sector Outlook

A few months ago Forbes Insights released the results of a survey of 107 U.S.-based executive-level financial decision makers at middle market energy companies with information on energy prices and trends in the coming years.  Some of the most interesting …

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