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Forklift Tips: Optimizing For Safety

  Welcome to Week 2 of the Propane Powered Forklift Series.  Like most people operating forklifts to run businesses, you probably haven’t thought about propane safety or waste. Optimize For Efficiency Make sure everyone at your site realizes that efficiency …

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Forklift Tips: Choosing the Right Forklift Refueling Option

Propane-Powered Forklift  Tips Tip 1: Choosing the Right Refueling Option What do you do when your forklifts need to be refueled? Do you take the tanks out back and fill them up on site? Do you just swap out the …

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Tax Credit For Propane Powered Vehicles

Do you operate propane powered vehicles to run your business? If you own or operate propane powered forklifts, lawn mowers or any other propane powered motor vehicle, you may be eligible to receive the Alternative Fuel Excise Tax Credit in …

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3 Forklift Fuel Delivery Options

When forklift trucks are an integral part of your business, you need dependability and reliability with no downtime. To best meet your business needs, AmeriGas is proud to offer three forklift fuel delivery options: 1. Cylinder Exchange. AmeriGas monitors your …

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4 Comparison Points: Propane vs Electric Forklifts

If your business depends on forklifts to operate, you need to make an important decision: which fuel to use. The top two to compare are propane and electric. Here are 4 comparison points you need to consider: 1. Power/Torque. Propane forklifts …

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Imminent Deadline for Propane Tax Credits

The deadline to file for the 2010 Alternative Fuel Tax Credits is Monday, August 1, 2011.  These tax credits available for forklift operators and some others that use propane as an engine fuel are part of the Tax Relief, Unemployment …

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