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Which Fuel is Best to Power Your Forklifts?

If your business depends on forklifts to operate, you need to make an important decision: which fuel to use. You have three main options: propane, electric and diesel. Let’s start by taking a quick look at all three options: Propane …

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Back to School: Propane’s Class Schedule

It’s that time of year again, back to school! Ever wonder what classes propane would enroll in? Review our A+ schedule below. School Transportation: Before children even get to school, they may be riding in a propane-powered vehicle, also known …

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Forklifts for Your Holiday Help

As the busiest time of the year for businesses is upon us, if your company is moving more products and presents for your clients than usual for the holiday season, why not look into some extra help for your warehouse. …

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How Many Forklift Cylinders Do You Need?

When AmeriGas sets up a new customer for forklift propane service, we want to make sure you’ll always have enough fuel to keep your lift trucks running.  A big part of this is correctly determining the number of cylinders you’ll need, …

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Re-Power Propane Forklifts Properly

This article is taken from the June 2012 issue of Material Handling & Logistics, and written by Stuart Flatow, VP of Safety & Training for the Propane Education & Research Council. The ability of propane-fueled forklifts to maintain consistent power …

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8 Reasons Why Propane Forklifts are Better than Electric

Why are propane forklifts better than electric forklifts? Here are eight reasons: 1. More Power! If you need power, you need a propane forklift. Propane forklifts maintain consistent, 100-percent power throughout operation. They have the ability to push heavy loads …

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2012: Propane Centennial – Don’t we look good for our age!

Wow, don’t we look good for our age!! 2012 is an exciting year for the propane industry. It marks the 100th anniversary of the first use of this exceptional fuel, and celebrates its role in improving the lives and businesses …

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Imminent Deadline for Propane Tax Credits

The deadline to file for the 2010 Alternative Fuel Tax Credits is Monday, August 1, 2011.  These tax credits available for forklift operators and some others that use propane as an engine fuel are part of the Tax Relief, Unemployment …

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Tax Time Reminders – Credits for Propane Forklift Users

With Tax Day just around the corner, that is to say April 15 when personal income tax returns are due to the IRS, it seems timely to remind everyone about some of the tax credit and incentives for forklift operators.  …

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