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Introducing Propane Bobtail Drones

A couple of years ago AmeriGas announced our new iPropane hose-free propane delivery system.  However, follow up on testing of that technology did not measure up to our high standards and so the project was shut down before rolling out …

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Bobtails: Your 2014 Propane Champion!

Bobtails are your 2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Champions!  In the end, Tankless Water Heaters just couldn’t beat a true-blue blood of the industry, the Bobtail.  After the match, the Bobtails’ drivers and fan stormed the court celebrating the win and reveling in …

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Propane but Didn’t Know Where to Get It

Are you new to the propane industry or a seasoned pro looking to retrieve some quick data? Are you curious about the state of the propane market or how propane relates to other energy sources? There is a wealth of …

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CleanFUEL USA Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Announcing New Propane Autogas Products

  See the newest products in the propane industry from CleanFUEL USA’s recent press release: GEORGETOWN, Texas – CleanFUEL USA commemorated 20 years of company history by featuring three new propane autogas products at the 2013 National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) Southeastern Convention …

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New Hose-Free Technology Revolutionizes Propane Delivery

AmeriGas is constantly striving to improve our service to our customers and we’re proud to introduce our latest advance, the iPropane Delivery System (patent pending).  The iPropane Delivery System (the “i” stands for “intra-tank”) is truly a breakthrough in hose-free …

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AmeriGas Vehicle Miles = 171 Trips to the Moon!

AmeriGas has quite an impressive fleet, comprised of  trailers and tractors, railroad tank cars and rack trucks, bobtails, service and delivery trucks. Check out these impressive stats from the AmeriGas 2012 Annual Report: Let’s not forget about the tanks themselves! AmeriGas owns approximately …

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AmeriGas Delivers: Behind the Numbers

Last year, AmeriGas made over 4 million deliveries nationwide to all of our customers.  We’re proud that we’re able to do this safely and reliably to keep your business going.  And although we’ve been doing this for a long time …

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A Day In the Life: AmeriGas Bobtail Driver

Have you ever wanted to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day; to learn what it would be like to spend one day doing something different? How about checking out what a day in the life of an AmeriGas …

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Happy Halloween!

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AmeriGas Remembers

      Ten years ago, terrorist attacks in New York City, Arlington, VA, and Shanksville, PA, cost nearly 3,000 Americans their lives and injured countless others. We remember the tragedy, not only as fellow Americans, but as a company. …

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