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Last-Minute Winter Reminder

In just a few weeks, we will all have spring fever! Flowers will begin to bloom, temperatures will rise and grills will get fired up. Though winter is winding down, much of our country is still experiencing severe winter weather, so we thought we would post some last-minute winter reminders and tips.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your propane appliances run smoothly and continuously throughout the winter.

  • Keep Your Driveway Clear of Snow and Ice – To ensure safe access to your propane tank, please keep snow and ice cleared from your driveway and sand all inclines.
  • Keep Equipment Clear of Snow and Ice – To prevent a gas leak, please keep your propane tank, equipment and piping clear of snow and ice accumulation.
  • Keep Gas Appliance Vents Clear of Snow and Ice - To avoid gas fumes from becoming trapped in your home, please make sure that your chimney and rooftop, as well as all gas appliances vented through the roof or walls remain clear of snow and ice.
  • Mark Location of Underground Tanks – Please mark the location of your underground tank and provide a clear pathway.

At AmeriGas, we’re serious about safety. If you follow these tips, it will not only keep you and our delivery staff safe, but it will also help us to ensure you are supplied with gas all year long.

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  1. Greg
    Posted March 6, 2011 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    Manager has contacted me after posting, thanks.

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