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We’re Proud to Support Our Communities!

AmeriGas is a household name at churches, schools, fire companies, sportsman’s clubs and community centers.  When the conversation turns to propane, we want to be everyone’s favorite supplier, not only among the families that use propane, but among the leaders of these community organizations.  “Serving community organizations with the highest safety is a core part of AmeriGas’ commitment to the communities we serve” says Director of Product Development Nevin Speicher. “Our people and local offices are part of the community and that’s something we’re proud of.”

Who are our customers in the community?

AmeriGas serves a wide range of community organizations from schools and churches or other religious organizations to scouting groups, volunteer emergency services, sportsmen clubs, Masonic lodges, swim clubs, 4H, Boys and Girls Club locations, country clubs and YMCAs. Picnic groves that use propane for cooking during spring, summer and fall festivals or camping retreats also use AmeriGas with our Cylinder Exchange service.

Supporting the community

In Michigan, the School Days program has been a popular way for schools to raise money for programs.  Our AmeriGas School Days program allows schools to earn up to several thousand dollars for any need including: books, computers and sports equipment.  Schools collect propane receipts from local businesses and consumers who use AmeriGas propane.  Our Account Managers can help setup the School Days program for your schools.  In other locations, AmeriGas has presented on propane safety at community schools for the younger kids.  Drawing on the resources and information at, our staff is always happy to talk about propane safety and provide educational handouts for both children and adults.

Rewarding Referrals

AmeriGas’ Referral Reward and Xtra Referral Reward programs can be hugely beneficial for community and religious organizations simply be referring customers.  For each new residential customer referred, a community organization can earn a $100 credit toward their propane invoice.  So, when members of an organization switch to AmeriGas to heat their homes, they are helping the organizations they support financially.  In addition, community and religious organizations can also earn $150 for each business they refer to AmeriGas.  In Virginia, community organizations such as the Kiwanis Club, the Chamber of Commerce or the local chapter of the March of Dimes have partnered with our local offices to support their events and help with donations.  But our support doesn’t end there.  For those groups we’ve also been able to provide special pricing for the organization and referral credits for each member that becomes a customer.

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