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The Propane Heat and Power Incentive Program

(Photo courtesy of PERC)

The Propane Heat and Power Incentive program is designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use. Sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), the program provides a financial incentive to qualifying and select participants who purchase and use eligible propane-fueled products such as premium generator sets, combined heat and power systems, or pest control heat treatment technology. In return, participants agree to share their experiences with PERC.

Premium generator sets are designed to work in tandem with off-grid renewable energy power generation technology. Energy-efficient propane generator sets can be easily combined with solar, wind, or other renewable energy resources to create reliable, environmentally friendly hybrid energy systems for residential and commercial off-grid applications.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems generate a portion of a home or building’s total heating and electricity needs and can fuel critical systems during grid outages. CHP systems recover waste heat from the generator engine and redirect it for space or water heating, increasing overall energy efficiency and achieving lower costs and carbon emissions than traditional generators or heating systems.

Bedbug heat treatment systems. Unlike other bedbug control methods that use pesticides or steam, heat-based solutions seek to treat the entire space or building, not just sleeping areas. A typical system involves multiple heating units and fans that raise the average temperature of the space high enough to kill bedbugs and larvae, while remote sensors allow precise temperature control.

To take part in the Propane Heat and Power Incentive program, participants must apply, be accepted, and agree to provide performance data on the equipment. The participants must purchase the propane system and be a U.S. construction professional, homeowner, business, or other qualifying entity. The product itself must meet program requirements, such as:

  • In the case of generators and CHPs, the unit must be used on-site at a primary residence or full-time business.
  • Generation units must run a minimum amount per year: 400 hours for a generator set, 6,000 hours for a CHP system.
  • In the case of generators, the unit must be used in an off-grid application or in combination with a renewable energy system.

The incentive amount provided depends on the product purchased. The program will pay the participant the entire incentive amount upon proof of purchase.

For full details and eligibility requirements, download and view the program guide. To apply to participate in the program, please complete the online application form. If you would like to learn more about this incentive, please contact us.


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