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The Propane Distributed Generation Market

If you take a look on PERC’s (Propane Education and Research Council) website you will find a fantastic report on how propane can be used near- or “off-the-grid.” Another term for this is distributed generation, and it is an area where the portability, efficiency, and reliability of propane can really help and provide a substantial use case. The report is a great way to think about additional markets for propane, and know where and how big they in fact are. See below for their findings.



  • Grid-tied applications: Combined heat and power in the commercial and industrial sectors represents the largest potential market for grid-tied propane DG. The northeast states are most favorable for combined heat and power.
  • Off-grid applications: Off-grid homes represent a large potential market for propane DG applications. California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico are the most favorable states for off-grid DG.
  • Gas heat pump air-conditioning: The residential market represents the largest potential for propane gas heat pump applications. The best residential gas heat pump sites are in areas, like parts of California, that have moderate climates, high electricity prices, and limited natural gas access.

With propane, you don’t need to sacrifice quality of location for quality of living. Propane can be your answer to achieving your off the grid living dreams, whether you’re in rural America, the suburbs or an exurban area, and you can have the same amenities as a home living on the grid. Contact us if you would like to learn more.


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