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PERC’s Propane Exceptional Product Program

PERC (the Propane Education & Research Council) offers the Propane Exceptional Product program, designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use.

Sponsored by PERC, the Propane Exceptional Product Program provides a financial incentive to qualifying and selected participants who purchase and use eligible products and agree to share their experiences. Download a PDF of the application today and start saving!

Eligible products include:

For full program details, visit PERC’s website.


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  1. Loren
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 4:52 pm | Permalink

    Propane weighs 4lb per gallon. AmeriGas says there is 15 pounds of propane in a 20lb exchange cylinder. Thanks to the Over Fill Protection (OPD) device, That’s not even 4lbs in a cylinder made to hold 5 gallons at 4lbs per gallon. How much would you bet that you’re getting charged for 5 gallons but only getting 3-3/4?

    • Posted December 21, 2011 at 10:42 am | Permalink

      Thank you for your comment. Please note the following:
      Propane weighs 4.24 lbs per gallon. There is 15 – 15.2 lbs of propane in a cylinder therefore there is 3.5 – 3.6 gallons of propane in an exchange cylinder for sale at retail locations.
      The volume of the cylinder will indeed hold 5 gallons of liquid (AKA water capacity) but maximum amount of liquid propane allowable for a safe fill is 4 gallons of liquid propane. The remaining 20% of the capacity of a propane cylinder is the vapor space; it is where the expanded vapor resides and is drawn out of the cylinder to be used as a gas. As vapor is drawn out of a cylinder, liquid propane vaporizes constantly filling or “re-charging” the vapor space of a cylinder.
      The OPD device is designed to shut off the flow of propane into the cylinder at 4 gallons or 17 lbs. The OPD device will not allow anymore propane than this to be pumped into a cylinder.

  2. kirk ellingson
    Posted January 15, 2012 at 1:35 am | Permalink

    Dear Americas
    There is something baffling me and the guy that fills my propane tanks at the local KOA suggested i ask you this question. Two years ago i purchased 4 5-gallon propane tanks at my local Sams Club. During the first year i routinely refilled these tanks at either my local KOA or the local 76 Gas Station. About 8 months ago the local 76 Gas Station no longer offered propane refill service and the local KOA reduced their propane refill service hours. So each of the 4 5-gallon tanks were traded at my local mini mart offerin your refill tanks.. Well after using your tanks for a few weeks in my Man Cave for heat i realized i was going through a lot more propane usage when i started using the Amerigas refill tanks from my local mini mart.. So now having 4 Americas propane tanks after trading in my Sams tanks i have resorted to refilling back at my local KOA.. What i am finding disturbing is that each of the Americas tanks only hold 3.5 gallons.. The KOA guy tried to remove suspected air pockets in each tank but still they only hold 3.5 gallons.. In order to check the KOA refill station i went SAMs and bought two new 5.0 gallon propane tanks and took them back to the same KOA with two empty Americas tanks.. The two new Sams tanks took exactly 4.8 gallons while the two Americas tanks still took only 3.5 gallons. The KOA guy told me that Americas was busted for modifying tanks to only hold 3.5 gallons and they were selling to to customers at a 5 gallon rate. Needless to say, I have four useless Amerigas tanks that only hold 3.5 gallons due to your modification.. i am writing this because my intentions is to demand that you replace the four useless Americas propane tanks for four tanks that will hold the 4.8 gallons as intended. I paid very good money at Sams for 5.0 gallon propane tanks and ended up with useless Ameicass tanks modified by Amerigas to hold 3.5 gallons.. If Amerigas does not feel this is a fare request or respond to my request, then i will complain to my local attorney general about this situation
    if you consider this an honest fare request then please contact me at
    916-847-0293 .. If i dont receive any response by jan 31, 2012 then i assume you will want me to follow up with the Calif Attorney General


    mr. ellingson

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