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October is National Energy Awareness Month

In 2009, President Barack Obama proclaimed October to be National Energy Awareness Month. As part of this proclamation, we are charged with shining new light on energy awareness activities. Like our President explained, “a more prosperous future for our Nation’s economy means making investments in energy efficiency and clean energy today.” As a company committed to advancing energy innovation and efficiency through propane use, AmeriGas is proud to observe October as National Energy Awareness Month.

The 2011 Energy Awareness Month theme is Turn Words into Action; Turn Action into Results. Wise energy attitudes, behaviors, and organizational decisions ensure results. In addition to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, here are ways that propane can increase energy efficiency:

Propane in the Home

  • Home heating: Propane fireplaces, space heaters and propane furnaces all provide heat using less energy and providing fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • Water heating: Propane water heaters last longer, use recyclable materials and provide cleaner, fresher water
  • Drying clothes: Propane dryers dry a load faster than an electric dryer, using less energy

Propane Autogas for Vehicles

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 19%
  • Creates 20% less nitrogen oxide
  • Creates up to 60% less carbon monoxide
  • Virtually no particulate matter
  • Improved air quality

Propane for Commercial Applications

  • Restaurants & Hospitality: Propane prices more efficient heating, cooking, laundry, outdoor heating, outdoor lighting, pool and spa heat, fireplaces, hot water and back-up generators
  • Forklift & Industrial Trucks: Propane powered forklifts and industrial trucks have less maintenance, less pollutants and increased efficiency
  • Agriculture/Farms: Decreases energy usage for crop drying, greenhouses and nurseries, poultry brooding, dairy farm needs and generators

More Information

For more information on how you can be more energy aware, check out the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy website. Want to promote October as National Energy Awareness Month? Use these posters from the DOE!

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