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Greener Homes Growing in Popularity

A report from McGraw Hill Construction: A recent survey of builder and remodeler members of the National Association of Home Builders revealed the evolution of green building for single family homes from boom to bust to recovery through comparisons with previous studies from 2006 to 2011, and includes new data on multifamily housing to provide a comprehensive review of the sector.

According to the latest study:

• 62% of firms building new single family homes report that they are doing more than 15% of their projects green. By 2018, 84% of them expect this level of green activity.

• 54% of firms building new multifamily projects report that they are doing more than 15% of their projects green. There is also growth expected, with 79% reporting the same level of activity anticipated by 2018.

• In the single family market, the most striking shift is in those firms dedicated to green building (doing more than 90% of their projects green). That percentage is already at 19%, and by 2018 it is expected to double (to 38%).

The study finds that builders and remodelers in both the single family and multifamily sectors report that the market is recognizing the value of green: 73% of single family builders (up from 61% since the last report) and 68% of multifamily builders say consumers will pay more for green homes.

“Greater consumer interest in green homes has contributed to the ongoing growth, leading us to anticipate that by 2016, the green single family housing market alone will represent approximately 26% to 33% of the market, translating to an $80 billion to $101 billion opportunity based on current forecasts. The findings also suggest that lenders and appraisers may be starting to recognize the value of green homes, making it a factor that could help encourage the market to grow if there is more widespread awareness across the U.S.,” said Harvey Bernstein, vice president, Industry Insights and Alliances for McGraw Hill Construction.

How does this study relate to AmeriGas propane?
Propane can not only power your home comfortably, affordably and safely, it also helps protect the environment. Approved as an alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. It’s even cleaner than electricity, which, 50% of the time, is generated by coal-burning power plants. Propane is also non-toxic, so it is not harmful to soil or water. And, because propane appliances are typically more energy efficient than electric appliances, you use less of the earth’s natural energy resources, while also cutting your costs. Going green means protecting the environment and saving money too!

See some of the ways you can incorporate AmeriGas propane to your home to become greener:

Propane Space Heater. Produces fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions than oil-burning space heaters. 99.9% efficiency saves you money.
Propane Clothes Dryer. Much more efficient than electric dryers. Uses less energy resources; costs less to operate.
Propane Water Heater. Gives you more hot water at a more affordable price. Rinnai propane tankless water heaters can reduce costs by up to 50% a year and last up to 20 years.
Propane Fireplace. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, propane fireplaces are clean and do not emit noxious fumes or black smoke into the air.
Propane Grill. Better for the environment than charcoal, which releases 105 times more carbon monoxide than propane.
Propane Furnace. More efficient operation can help lower your energy bills.
Underground Tank Storage. Tanks can be stored underground safely and easily.

Propane furnaces, space heaters and water heaters produce about 50% less complete fuel cycle greenhouse gas emissions than electric appliances produce. (source: World LP Gas Association)

Discover the possibilities with our AmeriGas Builder Information Kit or for more information, please contact us here.

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