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Did You Know Propane Can Fuel a Combined Heat & Power System?

It’s a generator.  It’s a heat exchanger.  It’s a new propane technology.

The Marathon Engine Systemsecopower cogeneration system does it all in one neat package.  This innovative, propane fueled combined heat and power system earned a 2011 Energy Star Emerging Technology award.  Why? In part, because this generator allows  homeowners and small businesses to return all unused electricity to the main power grid – resulting in a usage credit or a lower overall utility bill.  In addition, the ecopower unit is good for the budget and the environment because it turns engine heat into thermal energy. The thermal energy can power space- or water heating applications while producing significantly fewer CO2 emissions than traditional power plants. Learn more about this technology and how you can use it with free online training courses, including those below, at

- Impact of Combined Heat and Power Systems in Residential and Commercial Buildings

- Specifying Propane Standby  Generators: Installation and Value Considerations

- Propane-Enhanced Renewable Energy Systems


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