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Celebrate Over 100 Years of Propane Innovation

Ford Model T (Courtesy of Engines of Our Ingenuity)

Did you know that the Ford Model T, the first affordable automobile to open travel to the average American, also helped create the propane industry?

The story goes that in 1910, vapors coming from a new Ford Model T gas tank were brought to the attention of Dr. Walter O. Snelling, a chemist and explosives expert with the U.S. Bureau of Mines. Snelling filled a glass jug with some of the gasoline from the car to study at his lab, but the research began from the driver’s seat.

The cork that closed the container repeatedly popped out of the jug from the volatile vapors inside while Snelling made his way to the lab.

(Courtesy of All Propane Mowers)

Snelling divided the gas into liquid and gas components, including liquid propane. The propane component in turn spurred more innovation – starting with useful applications in lighting, metal cutting and cooking.

 Propane has since grown in its uses, as the force behind special effects in the movie industry, fuel for  hot air balloons, propellant in air fresheners, farm equipment fuel and as a preferred clean energy source of the US Government, just to name a few. The potential in this clean, compact and wallet-friendly fuel couldn’t contain all its possibilities inside that jug.

 Celebrate the ways in which you can use propane’s many innovations. Over 100 years of innovation is what makes us AmeriGas – reliable, safe, responsive.

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