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AmeriGas Assists With Sandy Clean Up

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy (image courtesy of Google)

Nearly two months after the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions were hit by one of the worst hurricanes in recent history, residents are working to get back on their feet. Here at AmeriGas, several districts were not only affected but sprang to action when called upon by their customers, neighbors and communities. AmeriGas assisted FEMA, the Coast Guard and the Red Cross to the extent the districts were able to with resources stretched as thin as they were.

An AmeriGas plant in Chester, NJ had lost power but continued to operate long hours, including weekends to keep up with the calls from generator customers, both those with existing generators and new installations. In one day drivers responded to over 150 generator calls. An AmeriGas district from Stratford, CT supplied propane for cooking and space heat in a tent city that was set up by Base Logistics out of Louisiana, which set up camps for utility workers who came into the area as emergency responders.

As residents gradually were able to return to their communities, we have seen more service calls to restore service or replace equipment that had been under water. Many AmeriGas districts have reported numerous customer calls in the recent weeks that include a big “thank you” for the extra time, care and effort that our employees, who have gone above and beyond, to help them move forward.

Benefits of propane include that it is nontoxic and insoluble in water. Since propane is released as a gas, it doesn’t spill, pool or leave a residue. Because of this, propane is not harmful to soil or water.

With emergencies like hurricane Sandy, the advantages of propane appliances become very appealing. For water: A gas water heater works faster than and electric water heater. Gas produces up to twice as much hot water as an electrical model in the same amount of time, for about one-third the cost. Which means you’ll not only save money every month but if your electricity were to go out, for example in a storm, you would still have hot water. For heat: Gas heating is much more comfortable and efficient all winter long. High-efficiency gas systems are economical to operate and conserve energy.

Propane Generator

Propane Generator (image courtesy of Google)

In today’s market, propane gas appliances available today can be purchased through department stores, hardware stores and on the Internet. Owning a backup propane generator can provide electrical power during blackouts, which superstorms, like Sandy, caused all throughout the northern coastline. As the recovery from this storm continues, it’s never too soon to begin to prepare your home and family for future emergencies.

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