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2014 Propane Semi-Finals: Last 4 Standing

The winners of each propane region are now complete!  These last 4 are some of the best that the propane industry has to offer.  They are energy efficient technology with Tankless Water Heaters from the Appliance Region;  cold-weather, winter-busting Heat from the Use Region; the enduring symbol of propane, Bobtails from the Fleet Region; and our core values from the Safety Region with Daily Personal Risk Assessments.

2014 Propane Semi-Finals: Last 4 Standing

2014 Propane Semi-Finals: Last 4 Standing

Appliances - #5 Tankless Water Heaters

#5 Tankless Water Heater vs. #6 Pool Heater - Continuous hot water, space savings, greener, and with an unmatched longevity (tankless water heaters have a typical life expectancy of up to 20 years—twice as long as a tank-style unit), all while saving money – up to 30% every year.  Tankless water heaters are solid champs of the Appliance Region and will be tough against Heat in the semi’s.

Uses - #1 Heat

#1 Heat vs. #2 Hot Water - Two old-guard, propane standby’s battling for supremacy.  No better way to describe this contest.  Heat and Hot Water are the 1st and 2nd thoughts when it comes to propane and Heat won this round.  Heat will be a formidable foe in the next wound.

Fleet - #1 Bobtails

#1 Bobtail vs.#7 Transport - Hauling propane in big tanks and even bigger tanks.  As straightforward as it gets.  But the overwhelming numbers of 4,000 AmeriGas’s bobtails on the road, driving every day to deliver propane to keep our customers warm won the day this time.   That said, we couldn’t do what we do without the transports too – keeping the propane coming at our 2,500 locations nationwide, but bobtails deserved this win and have to be considered the favorite to win it all.

Safety - #2 Daily Personal Risk Assessments

#1 Leak Checks vs. #2 Daily PRA - This was the match up that everyone expected.  When safety is one of your core values, everyone is a winner, but Daily PRA just overcame Leak Checks to take the Safety Region.

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    1 gallon of Propane liquid =270 cubic feet of vapor Your listing is not correct.

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