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AmeriGas keeps businesses warm and running smoothly with worry-free propane service.
Millions rely on AmeriGas propane services to keep businesses warm and operating at peak performance. With a national supply network, flexible delivery and payment options, and dedicated AmeriGas employees for every business customer, AmeriGas is the most preferred propane provider in the US.

With AccuGas® remote tank monitoring service, we track the level in your business's propane tanks(s) remotely, so we can automatically respond to any changes or increases in your propane consumption

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Flexible Delivery & Payment close
Propane for business heat

Choose from multiple delivery and payment options to receive propane when it’s best for your business. Tank installations and refill, automatic delivery, remote tank monitoring, and flexible delivery choices are a few of the options to choose from that ensure your service is worry-free. In addition, AmeriGas offers flexible billing and payment programs, from pay-in-advance to online ordering. AmeriGas allows you to schedule your deliveries and manage your service online, or you can call us 24/7! We're here to keep your business warm and running smoothly!

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AmeriGas Customer Service

Our 700+ offices are on call 24/7 to handle everything you need, from set-up, to delivery, to tank maintenance. In the rare event of an emergency, our local staff is available for quick response and is trained to the highest industry standard. As a valued business customer, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who ensures each interaction you have with AmeriGas meets our extremely high customer service standards. In addition, we offer priority delivery options, online account management, remote tank monitoring, and many other programs to ensure your service is safe, reliable, and responsive!

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National supply of propane

AmeriGas is the nation’s largest supplier of propane with over 2,500 distribution locations across all 50 states. This means we’re able to deliver safe, reliable, responsive propane services to over 2 million customers without interruption. AmeriGas’s national footprint ensures we’re always ready to deliver fuel through our 700+ local offices to America’s businesses.

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Propane furnaces can help your business grow its bottom line. Heating with propane means a more efficient furnace, a cleaner output, and a more consistent temperature than electric heaters.


97% of chefs prefer gas cooking! Propane cooking appliances boast a more even heat distribution and more consistent temperatures than electric cooking appliances.


Propane hot water heaters can reduce water heating expenses by up to 30% as compared to electric heaters. Plus, tankless hot water heaters can reduce costs even further.


Washers, dryers, outdoor lighting, cooking equipment, machinery, vehicles, back-up generators, temporary heating devices, and more can all be powered with propane. This means you can run appliances on a clean, abundant fuel source, even when electrical service isn’t available in your business.