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Top 4 Ways to Cruise Through Summer With AmeriGas

June 20 was the first official day of summer and AmeriGas wants to help your family cruise through the rest of the summer season with peace of mind. Whether you’re going on a cross country road trip or a fun weekend getaway, AmeriGas is here to ensure your propane needs are met while you relax this summer.  Here are the top 5 ways to cruise through summer with AmeriGas:

1. Automatic Delivery

With automatic delivery you will never have to worry about running out of propane. Signing up for automatic delivery is quick and easy. You will won’t have to call for a delivery and we will monitor your tank level for you! Relax on your summer getaway, we have your covered.

2. Online Account Management

When you register online you can access your AmeriGas account from virtually anywhere, 24/7! Online accounts allow you to monitor your tank level, request a delivery, or pay a bill without getting out of your beach chair. You can also enroll in paperless billing so you don’t get excess mail while you’re away on vacation.

3. Monthly Payment and Pricing Programs

Don’t worry about budgeting on the beach, plan ahead and secure your propane pricing or budget payment plan before your vacation. AmeriGas offers Guaranteed Pricing Programs, which allow you to lock in your price for the year, as well as monthly budget pay programs.  Worry about your next family adventure, not your propane account. Contact us for more information.

4. Refer a Friend

Could your vacation fund use an extra $100? Refer a friend or family member to AmeriGas and when they become a customer, you’ll both get a $100 VISA prepaid card. Rest easy this summer knowing your friends can enjoy the same great propane service as you. To refer a friend visit

Enjoy your summer knowing AmeriGas has you covered. For more information contact us.

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AmeriGas Swanton Collects 1,036 lbs of Food and Counting

Every day AmeriGas locations across the nation host and participate in drives and events to support their local communities. July begins our #SummerofService to highlight these events our offices participated in this year. 

AmeriGas team in Swanton after their first food donation to the Seagate Food Bank

Our Swanton, Ohio location is doing big #SummerofService for hungry people! Since March 2016  AmeriGas Swanton has made three large food donations to the Seagate Food Bank in northwest Ohio, amounting in 1,036 pounds of food!

AmeriGas Customer Service Manager in Swanton, Melanie Schutte, said she discovered the Seagate Food Bank when looking for ways for her office to serve their community.  AmeriGas offers a discounted 20 pound gas grill refill in exchange for a food donation and anyone is welcomed to donate. Schutte said at this time there is no end date for this great food drive because it is a success each month.

The donation totals include 445 pounds in April 2016, 210 pounds in May 2016, and 381 pounds in June 2016!

Schutte said they keep up with the drive because there is always someone that is hungry and in need of a meal. Food and water drives are some of the most successful events for AmeriGas locations.

The Seagate Food Bank provides assistance for over 114,000 food-challenged individuals every month. They distribute over 15 million pounds of food annually, to over 500 organizational programs free of charge to their participants.

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Why Use A Gas Grill?


In North America, gas is king. Gas grills hit the barbecue scene in the 1950s. Today, almost 70 percent of American families use gas grills. So why grill with gas? In one word—convenience. The convenience of push-button ignition. The convenience of turn-of-a-dial heat control. Gas is less dirty to handle than charcoal and burns cleaner than improperly lit charcoal.

Gas grills tend to burn cooler and wetter than charcoal grills, so you don’t get quite the same searing and browning as with the heat from charcoal or wood. However, it must be said that the newer, higher powered gas grills come very close to bridging the gap.

Propane cylinders will give you 12 to 18 hours of grilling, depending on the heat, the altitude, and what you’re grilling. After that time you need to refill the tank. To get the propane cylinders home from the hardware store, stand them in plastic milk crates; this keeps them from rolling around in your trunk. Store propane cylinders outdoors, away from the grill, and in an upright position. Always have an extra full propane cylinder on hand; the cylinders have the perverse habit of running out of fuel right in the middle of a grill session.

You can pick up a new or spare tank at any of our 51,000 locations nationwide!


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AmeriGas Propane Billings MT Raises Money for the Sherburn Family

Every day AmeriGas locations across the nation host and participate in drives and events to support their local communities. July begins our #SummerofService to highlight these events our offices participated in this year. 


At 5 years old Noah Sherburn is fighting the fight of his life. Thanks to a great team at AmeriGas in Sherburn’s home town of Billings, Mont., he can keep up the fight with support of his community.

Noah Sherburn was diagnosed with cancer in his kidneys. Noah has four other siblings and is the youngest child in the Sherburn family. Noah has received chemotherapy  in Salt Lake City for the past several months but was able to come home to his family in Billings for the weekend.

“Noah has drawn us all together because he has faith and he is a fighter,” said Katie Seibel, Manager of AmeriGas Billings, MT.

On the Friday before Memorial Day the AmeriGas crew in Billings fired up their grills and watched as cars steadily arrived to support Noah. An estimated 250 people came to the event over the holiday weekend. Supporters donated to the Sherburn family in exchange for free propane from AmeriGas and a hot dog or hamburger, grilled by AmeriGas Area Director Martin Mingay.

“What was really special was our AD Martin Mingay brought an AmeriGas cape for Noah,” said Seibel. “Noah loved it!”

Propane Pete and Sniffy the dog also made an appearance for all to enjoy.

By donating all the propane off the dock that day, AmeriGas raised a little over $3200 for the Sherburn family and an additional donation of $200 was made by a local RV company on Tuesday following the event.

“I’m very lucky for the staff that I have,” said Seibel. “Every single one of our employees devotes their time to the community because it makes us feel good; it makes the community feel good.”

Seibel said she grew up doing community service in school, which is why it now seems like second nature. This is the second large event the district has done for a local family.

It was a memorable day for the whole AmeriGas team and the Sherburn family. Thank you to all who came out to support in Billings!

Area Director Martin Mingay grilling up hamburgers and hotdogs for the event.

Noah’s grandfather (left), CRR Missy Sherman, and Noah’s father Cliff Sherburn with a photo of Noah in the AmeriGas office.

Special guests AD Martin Mingay, Propane Pete, and Sniffy the Dog.


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5 Cooking Essentials For Your Camping Trip

Whether you’re pitching a tent or making reservations for a cabin you probably have a long list of items to pack in your car for your summer camping trip. It’s easy to forget cooking supplies amid all the excitement for your trip and when you’re packing for a family there are many needs to consider. For stress-free preparation, here are five cooking essentials you need for your family’s mid-summer camping trip:

1. Ingredients

Preparing foods at home before you hit the road is a great way to have variety of camping cuisine. Prepare camping favorites at home like potato salad or a pot of chili. These dishes allow you to use ingredients you already own so you’ll cut down on spending at the grocery store when you get to your destination, if a grocery store is even available! If preparing great cuisine in the outdoors is your passion, stock up on fresh ingredients for major nature vibes and make sure to store them properly so they stay fresh throughout your stay.

2. Portable Propane Grill

There are so many great recipes for cooking on a portable propane grill or stove. Propane grills and stoves are essential for outdoor cooking because they provide instant and continuous heat for whatever meal you’re cooking up. Propane is the healthier option for grilling and with so many ways to prepare your meals the options are endless, even in the great outdoors. If you brought the whole nine yards, you can easily use your propane cylinder for each of your devices.

3. Storage

Storing your food properly, as I mentioned earlier, is very important when you’re staying for a long period of time. Also, if your campsite is prone to animals it’s important to be prepared so you don’t get your food swiped! Coolers, plastic storage tubs, and extra boxes of trash bags are essential for keeping your campsite organized and sanitary throughout your stay. Utilize animal-proof lock boxes, typically provided by the campground, or research other gear to keep your food items safe.

4. Supplies

This is a given. By preparing your recipes first, you can determine exactly what supplies you need to pack before you head out. The most common items campers forget are wet wipes, ice, and water. Think about the supplies you typically use for cooking at home, along with the specific items you need to make your recipes, and prioritize them to keep your packing light. One hack to keep in mind is creating a camping supplies kit so that you keep the essentials in one place, it’s ready to grab and go, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

5. Family and Friends

Dividing up the work in the kitchen is always more fun. In the great outdoors, cooking with the family can be a learning experience for everyone. Sometimes cooking in the outdoors can be challenging, so teaching your kids the fundamentals ahead of time and assigning everyone part of a recipe can make things run a lot smoother. Involving everyone in your family in preparing a delicious meal will make your mid-summer camping trip that much more special!

I hope you feel prepared with these cooking essentials to have a great camping trip! Remember to visit one of our 51,000 locations to grab your fuel before you head out on your adventure.

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Glazed Pork Ribs With Horseradish Apple Slaw

With the 4th of July knocking at our door, it is always good to be prepared for your party. However, sometimes life gets in the way! Here is a simple yet delicious recipe for those last minute party throwers this weekend!


  • 3 pounds baby-back pork ribs
  • kosher salt and pepper
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
  • 2 teaspoons cider vinegar
  • 1/2 head Napa or green cabbage, shredded (4 cups)
  • 2 crisp apples (such as Braeburn or Granny Smith), cut into matchstick-size strips
  • 1 bunch scallions (white and light green parts), thinly sliced



Heat grill to medium. Season the ribs with 1 teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon pepper. In a small bowl, combine the Worcestershire, mustard, and brown sugar.

Place the ribs on grill, cover, and cook 20 to 25 minutes, turning often, until cooked through and tender. Baste with sauce during the last 5 minutes.

In a large bowl, whisk together the sour cream, horseradish, vinegar, ½ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Add the cabbage, apples, and scallions and toss.

Cut the ribs apart, divide among plates, and serve with the slaw.


Stop by any of our 51,000 locations this weekend and never run out!

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Where Can I Find Propane Near Me?

Find Propane Near Me

Whether you need propane for heating your home, running your business or your grill AmeriGas has made it easy to find propane near you. As the nation’s largest propane provider, we conveniently supply propane to consumers and business owners in all 50 states.

We’ve made it easy to locate an Office location, which can deliver propane to your home or business, a Cylinder Exchange location, where you can get a new tank for your grill, or a Cylinder Refill location, where you can have your portable propane tank refilled. We’re found at over 50,000 retailers across the U.S. so chances are there’s one near you!

Here’s how to find propane near you:

Simply visit our Location Finder and enter your zip code to find the office or retailer closest to you. If you are on the go, check out our location finder to locate most convenient location and get directions right on your phone.  Our location finder also allows for you to filter by location type so you can easily find just what you are looking for.

So don’t go searching through pages of links on a search engine, visit to quickly find propane near you.

Visit for more information about propane delivery services.

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Land Of The Free, Home Of The BBQ

With 4th of July weekend right around the corner everyone will be looking to get a head start on planning the perfect party and creating the best menu for their guests. Here are some ways AmeriGas wants to help you make all your friends and family happy.

1. Decorations: They play the part of building the theme of the party. Whether it be rustic or modern click here for some ideas to help you get started!

2. The Menu: Pretty much the most important part to any party! Try the easy grilled pork ribs recipe below to really keep your guests happy!

3. Activities: For creative craft ideas to entertain children click here. They are guaranteed to have a lot of fun and you can incorporate them into the theme of the party!

4. Drinks: No party is complete without a signature cocktail! try out these patriotic drinks that will be a sure  fire hit with your guests!

To complete this perfect party make sure you invite AmeriGas Propane Tanks! You can find us in over 51,000 locations around the nation!

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“Show Us Your Skills!” Forklift Photo Contest

Show Us Your Skills! Photo Contest:


Own or operate a propane forklift? Now’s your chance to show off your sweet forklift skills! Share a photo of your propane forklift at work, and you’ll be entered to win a GoPro camera: a great prize to record your forklift on the job.


AmeriGas wants to say “Thanks!” for the hard work our propane-powered forklift operators do each day!


In order to enter the Show Us Your Skills! Propane Forklift Photo Contest, visit the official entry page here. Share a photo of your propane forklift at work, and contestants are automatically entered to win the prize, a GoPro camera with head strap, so you can record your forklift at work while safely operating your forklift! Restrictions apply. Visit entry page to review official rules.

Good luck from all of us here at AmeriGas!

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What’s the Difference Between Propane Refill and Propane Exchange?

It happens to all of us; you are grilling up dinner or sitting out on your patio with your propane patio heater on high and suddenly you realize you are out of propane.  Don’t panic! You have options: Propane Refill or Propane Exchange.

So exactly what is the difference between propane refill and propane exchange?

To some, refilling your tank might make you think of a propane truck backing down your driveway to fill your tank at your house.  The term propane refill is also used to describe filling propane tanks at a propane provider or retail location. With propane refill you bring your propane tank, most often a grill tank, to a propane provider (like us) or a retailer to have it filled. Retailers who offer propane refill services have a large propane tank with special equipment, called a dispenser, which allows them to safely refill your propane tank. In addition to grill cylinders, propane refill locations can fill other portable propane tank sizes usually up to 100lb tanks. In certain locations these dispensers can also refill your RV/Camper and vehicles running on Propane AutoGas.

Propane exchange, just as the name suggests, is when you exchange your empty propane tank for a new, already refilled tank.  Exchanging your propane tank is a convenient option for consumers to swap out an empty grill cylinder, or grill tank, for a new one. Propane exchange is found at thousands of retailers across the U.S. but propane providers, like AmeriGas, will sometimes have propane exchange available at their office locations. Exchange generally requires an employee to assist you with returning and getting a new tank; however, some locations offer vending machines which allow for 24 hour access.

Now that you know the difference between propane refill and propane exchange, all you need to know is where to find a refill or exchange location. We have you covered there too. Whether you are looking for a propane exchange location, a 24-hr propane exchange location, or a propane refill location, you can visit to find the location nearest you.

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