See Why Propane is on Santa’s “Nice List”

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Breaking News: Santa’s list is branching out! Not only has he been keeping his eye on children’s behavior, but like many others, he has started to pay attention to propane (and for all the right reasons this season!).

Why has propane been added to the “Nice” List? Where do we begin?! Let’s start with noting that Christmas trees aren’t the only thing that’s green around the holidays anymore:

Environmentally Friendly Fuel:
Help the Earth when you choose propane for your energy needs. Propane is an approved, clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. Propane has always been a “green” fuel: far ahead of today’s trends.

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Propane in America: the 1910s – A Brilliant Discovery

December 13, 1880 marks the birthdate of Walter O. Snelling, otherwise known in this industry as the “Father of Propane.” In honor of Dr. Snelling’s birthday, we have decided to take a look back at the history of propane, from its discovery in 1910 through modern days. Join us over the next few months as we delve into the history of propane in America. This week, we will look at the decade of the 1910s, at the birth and discovery of propane.

Walter O. Snelling, Father of Propane

So, what was happening at the beginning of the 20th century to set the stage for the discovery of propane? The  major player here was that in 1910, Americans began leaving behind the horse and buggy in favor of Henry Ford’s Model T automobile. Beginning in 1904, natural gas was being compressed to obtain its gasoline content to meet the needs to fuel the ever growing “horseless carriage market.” Commercialization of fuel was about to emerge, leading to further experimentation and methods to extract more types of fuel. Then the big bang moment for our industry happened. In 1910, Walter O. Snelling isolated butane and propane from natural gas, leading to a patent and the historical title of “father of the LP-gas industry.”

In 1911, American Gasol Co. became the world’s first propane gas company, incorporated in West Virginia with Walter O. Snelling, Frank Peterson and Chester Kerr as the main stock shareholders.  By the end of the decade, there were several more propane gas sellers in the market.

Uses of Propane in the 1910

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Double Your Incentive: PERC Propane Mower Incentive ProgramThrough March 2015

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is offering a limited-time promotion for the Propane Mower Incentive Program. The incentive program will feature a “Double Your Incentive” opportunity for applicants. Now through March 31, 2015, you can earn $2,000 per qualifying new mower purchase or $1,000 per qualifying mower conversion. In return, you’ll provide feedback and performance data for one mowing season.

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Now is the perfect time to start thinking about next year’s mowing season. With this PERC program plus your state’s incentive program, (contact your state’s propane gas association for incentives they may offer) the cost of a conversion could be next to nothing.

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Thanksgiving: Gobble, Gobble, It’s Go Time for Your Grill!

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There are many family traditions that surround the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. From who hosts, to what foods will be made, what football games will be watched and who claims what couch to nap on. Maybe, it’s time to ruffle some feathers and change things up a bit?! If you’re looking to spice things up (more than adding extra cinnamon to that secret family recipe for pumpkin pie), we suggest going big time, with the bird! Grilling or frying your turkey this year is one of the latest trends in tradition-breaking deliciousness. has both, grilling and frying, instructions, which we have also listed below:

Grilling Your Turkey
Although it’s not the most common method, grilling can be a fun way to take a delicious turkey dinner outdoors. But being in the elements requires some special food safety considerations, so be sure to read our instructions and tips carefully.

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Propane Cost Calculators to Discover Your Business Savings

You’ve likely read about the benefits of propane, including that it can save your business money. But how much money could you be saving with propane? It’s time to find out!

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has developed a suite of easy-to-use tools that will help you calculate the cost savings of propane compared with other common fuels. Choose from a web tool, mobile app, desktop tool, or printable worksheet for three popular propane applications. No matter which tool you use, the results will speak for themselves.

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Propane 101 for Construction Professionals: Determining the Total Load

Construction professionals ready to start building with propane: The following blog is the first of a blog of three blog series, a reference that will cover residential and commercial construction. PERC (Propane Education and Research Council) also has a full version of these topics available as a Pocket Guide, an easy-to-use reference guide called The Propane Technical Pocket Guide. This guide includes frequently referenced facts and data about propane systems, such as gas properties, pipe and tube sizing, and fuel load estimates for popular applications. For our blog series, we will focus in on the following topics:

  • Determining the Total Load
  • Vaporization Rates for ASME Storage Tanks
  • Container Location and Installation

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AmeriGas Executive Uses Her Diagnosis to Improve Lives of Others

Jane Stroupe has had the kind of career that hardly seems possible anymore: Rising from a part-time clerk job at Piedmont Natural Gas with almost no knowledge of propane, almost 40 years later she now is an area director for the country’s largest propane company.

Three things about that career path are particularly extraordinary: First, thanks to a payroll error, she was promoted from part-time clerk to full time two weeks into the job; second, in 1997 she made history as the first woman president of her company; and third, she has never left that company in four decades, although its ownership and name have changed over the years through a series of acquisitions.

Today, Stroupe, 60, serves as area director for AmeriGas district offices in parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. That leadership experience proved valuable last year when she helped organize a support group for women who, like her, are coping with a cancer diagnosis. The group helps women who are struggling to make sense of their new reality.

“Someone is always there that has just been diagnosed, and they are scared to death,” Stroupe says. “We help them cope by answering their questions and listening to their concerns. They are encouraged they will be healthy, ‘fairly normal’ women like we are very soon. It is a great feeling to provide support to each other and give a new friend a hug to let them know they can make it through the process.”

With her cancer treatments complete, Jane Stroupe, left, says she feels like “a free woman.” Photo courtesy of Jane Stroupe and Nancy Coop

Health scare
Stroupe, an only child, was grieving the sudden death of her mother in March 2013 when a routine annual mammogram that June showed an abnormality.

She distinctly recalls the feeling of fear that swept through her when she and her husband, Mark, heard she “definitely” had breast cancer.

“It was as if our world stood still,” she says. “All the information we were being given was overwhelming, and we learned medical terminology we never wanted to hear.”

She underwent a bilateral mastectomy in mid-July, and the aggravations that accompany serious health concerns began: She started chemotherapy on her ninth wedding anniversary. A port-a-catheter inserted the previous day apparently punctured a lung, causing it to collapse and sending her back to the hospital for four days. Her hair fell out 16 days after her first treatment, triggering denial and eventually acceptance to the point that she embraced the variety of wigs and hats available.

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Are You Ready For Winter? Payment and Service Options For Our Customers

Now is the time to prepare in advance for the upcoming winter season, and we want to assist you in that preparation. Whether you want to become a new customer or are a current customer looking for more information, here is everything you need to know about our services. In this three part blog series, we will cover the following topics:

We are going to be reviewing the second topic above today, Payment and Service Options for our customers:

AmeriGas understands you are busy, so we offer several payment plans that make it easy to do business with us.

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Are You Ready For Winter? Four Easy Steps to Becoming a New AmeriGas Customer

Now is the time to prepare in advance for the upcoming winter season. We want to assist you in that preparation! Whether you want to become a new customer or are a current customer looking for more information, here is everything you need to know about our services. In this three part blog series, we will cover the following topics:

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Builders: How Heating with Propane Helps Your Homeowners

On PERC‘s (Propane Education and Research Council) website tailored to construction professionals,, they describe how heating with propane furnaces, boilers and space heaters can improve the efficiency, performance and comfort of homes and buildings.

Propane provides more versatility, affordability, and comfort than any other heating choice — it’s that simple. Propane heating systems can be configured as central or zone, forced air or radiant. Best of all, propane systems can help buildings and homeowners slash energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions — up to 68 percent, in fact. Here are a few considerations for your project.

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