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Labor Day: Summer’s Unofficial Send-off

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), there is no definitive history about how the word “barbecue” originated – or why it’s sometimes used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Some say the Spaniards get the credit for the word, derived from their “barbacoa” which is an American-Indian word for the framework of green wood on which foods were placed for cooking over hot coals. Others think the French were responsible, offering the explanation that when the Caribbean pirates arrived on our Southern shores, they cooked animals on a spit-like devise that ran from “whiskers to tail” or “de barbe a` queue.”

Most Americans consider Labor Day a uniquely American experience, but in all reality, Labor Day has its origins in Canada. Stemming from 1870’s labor disputes in Toronto, in 1872 a parade was held in support of a strike against the 58 hour workweek. As a result, 24 union leaders who were responsible for organizing the event were arrested under anti-union laws.

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Plumbers: Help Enhance the Value of Your Clients’ Homes

Want to know where your homeowner’s energy costs are going? Just turn to the hot water faucet. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home’s energy costs are spent heating water. That’s why helping your homeowner select an efficient water heater is critical—and a propane tankless water heater is one of the most efficient options available. Fortunately, in today’s market, consumers have more energy-efficient options, such as propane water heaters, than in the past. In your profession, you can directly advise your clients of the benefits that propane water heaters can offer to them as homeowners. Not only will you be improving your bottom line, but your clients will be extremely satisfied with the results they see and money they save.

PERC (Propane Education and Research Council) is offering an online course for you to learn how you can help consumers save and enhance the value of their homes by helping them understand why propane is the best energy choice for water heaters. Bonus: You can even win a $500 gift card for taking this brief online training course.

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Seasonal Employment Opportunities at AmeriGas

AmeriGas is the nation’s largest propane distributor, serving over 2 million residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and motor fuel propane customers in all 50 states. We currently have immediate openings nationwide to join our Seasonal Flex workforce:

During our peak business months of October through March, AmeriGas and the AmeriGas family of propane companies, employs additional delivery representatives to help us meet the needs of our customers.

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Landscapers: 6 Steps to Switch to Propane Mowers

Propane-powered lawnmower

In an article from Total Landscape Care, see the six steps they list if you are considering switching your lawnmowers to propane:

1. Establish a relationship with a propane-fuel provider in your area. Metro Lawn provides a propane fuel program to help your business go green and save green.
Offering the only complete conversion program from beginning to end, Metro Lawn professionals will train your team on propane conversions and tailor a program to provide Fuel Your Way™.

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LP Gas: Uses Farther Afield

In case you’re interested in how propane is used around the world, the World LP Gas Association just put out a great report on the landscape and opportunities for propane in small islands in developing countries. Propane plays a very important role in these unique economic and geographic situations, and there is even more room for its use to grow. Propane can be quite cost effective compared to other energy sources, and along with its clean burning profile makes for a good fit for island economies that import most if not all of their energy needs.
The report goes into greater detail, but on a high-level basis propane is attractive because it is more easily transportable, has multiple uses such as heating and cooking, and is available at a lower cost than other energy sources, among other reasons.

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Restaurant Owners & Managers: Have you looked at propane?

The cost of energy is a major component of a restaurant’s operating costs, with energy-intensive appliances and high demands on hot water and HVAC systems. Choosing energy-efficient propane kitchen appliances, space heating and water heating systems can lower those costs and provide a quick return on investment.

Water Heating
In high-demand scenarios, an array of propane tankless water heaters offer a space-saving and cost-efficient way to produce hot water. These tankless racks create redundancy, so the hot water supply will continue even if one unit is out of commission. Tankless water heaters offer economical, on-demand, endless hot water. Furthermore, they can be installed either inside or outside, depending on climate.

Space Heating
An efficient rooftop furnace can quickly and cost-effectively heat a restaurant, and can serve two different zones for the kitchen and seating area. Newer units have multiple stages and microprocessors to reduce energy costs, along with variable airflow to meet diverse heating loads.

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Day in the Life: Director of Safety Compliance and Training

For our next Day in the Life blog series interview, I reached out to our Safety Compliance and Training Director, Christopher Wagner, to learn more about him and his role at AmeriGas.

Christopher Wagner, Director of Safety Compliance and Training at AmeriGas

Safety is our highest priority here at AmeriGas. Our safety commitment is an ongoing mission that extends to everything we do. Christopher takes great pride in what he does for a living, but he also makes time for a (very delicious) grand chemistry experiment.

Explain your role at AmeriGas.
I am the Director of Safety Compliance and Training for AmeriGas. The purpose of my role is to ensure that we have the most effective safety training programs available for our coworkers to understand and avoid the risks associated with their jobs. My group focuses on the data collected from audits and incidents to watch for trends, and these trends are used to develop programs that allow us to be proactive in our safety program as opposed to reactive. 

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Propane Can Enhance Profit For Retail Facilities

For owners of retail facilities, the bottom line is always top of mind. Building and renovating with propane-fueled space heating and water heating can help slash energy costs and deliver the key performance amenities that are vital to their business.

Water Heating. In low-demand scenarios, a single tankless unit installed neat the point of use greatly reduces delivery times and standby heat losses. A small installation footprint reserves valuable square footage. A propane-fueled tankless water heater offers economical, on-demand, endless hot water while generating half as many carbon dioxide emissions ass a conventional electric storage water heater.

Space Heating. An efficient rooftop furnace can quickly and cost-effectively heat a small or midsize retail building. Businesses replacing older units with newer, high-efficiency units can expect a payback within two years of operation.

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Farmers Plan Ahead: 2014 PERC Propane Farm Incentive Program

Recently reported by The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is encouraging farmers to plan ahead for harvest season and upgrade their grain dryers with new, fuel-efficient propane models with a $5,000 incentive through the 2014 Propane Farm Incentive Program.

Many farmers in the upper Midwest and Northeast faced delayed planting this spring due to cool, wet weather, ice on the Great Lakes, and cold soil temperatures due to snow cover.

“Last year, a cool, wet spring delayed planting and shortened the growing season, and the result was record-high drying needs,” said Mark Leitman, PERC director of marketing and business development. “Farmers can prepare for harvest by speaking with their propane dealers this summer about their estimated energy needs. We also recommend upgrading older drying systems with new, fuel-efficient propane models.”

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Let’s Hear It For The USA! (and for Grilling Safely this Independence Holiday)

This Friday is the one of the most popular grilling occasions of the Summer and while everyone is focused on grilling great food, we wanted to remind you to be even better at safely grilling that great food. Below, please find tips on how to ensure grilling safety for your holiday cookout.

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Placement of Your Grill & Propane Cylinders (Find these safety tips and more on our AmeriGas cylinder wraps as well as on our website here)

  • Use your grill outdoors only. Your propane grill should be placed at least 5 feet away from your home.
  • Use your grill in a well-ventilated area
  • Make sure your grill is not up against dry bushes, flowers or plants
  • Never grill or store a cylinder in any enclosed areas (including trailers, tents, houses and garages)
  • Ensure that the grill is firmly in place and that it is stable and cannot be tipped over

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