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The Secret Ingredient? Propane!

AmeriGas delivers to 1000′s of restaurants across the U.S. and while propane isn’t an ingredient per se (somehow propane isn’t mentioned in Escoffier’s Guide Culinaire), we’re proud of the role we play every day in these establishments.  In fact, propane has a wide variety of uses in nearly every restaurant.  It doesn’t matter if you are a general manager, front of house staff, executive chef, or line cook, chances are you’ve used propane in your job.  And if this seems a little trite, read on for all of the uses we’ve learned from our customers, technicians, and delivery personnel.


Of course, this is the most obvious use of propane in any restaurant.  Propane is not only used in ranges and ovens, but also in fryers, broilers, and flat tops.  AmeriGas has over 50 years of experience in gauging usage for this this equipment in all kinds of different restaurants from fast food to fine dining and we customize our automatic delivery to make sure you always have fuel.   Even restaurants that use natural gas for the majority of their cooking, use propane for outdoor cooking on barbeque grills or with portable catering equipment.

Hot Water

Propane water heaters help many restaurants meet their demands for hot water for dishwashers and in bathrooms.  In fact, many restaurants are now moving to install commercial tankless hot water systems similar to the residential models described in our blog post, The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters.  The commercial tankless hot water heater systems typically link multiple, interchangeable units providing both higher output and redundancy ensuring that hot water is always available.


In the winter months, propane is a popular and economical option for restaurants to keep their guests warm and comfortable.  However, outside of primary heat, one of the fastest growing uses for propane in restaurants is patio heaters.  Commercial propane-fueled patio heaters can extend outdoor seating into fall and spring months or even keep those areas open year round in more temperate climates.  AmeriGas’ cylinder exchange program ensures a steady supply of propane cylinders for heaters, delivering them safely so that no one has to drive around for refills.

Other Propane Applications

While those are the most common uses of propane in restaurants, we have seen other applications.  Restaurants with catering fleets or delivery vehicles are beginning to consider propane autogas to fuel their vehicles.  A federally-listed clean  fuel, propane autogas can help “green” a fleet of  vehicles by reducing emissions while providing historical savings of 30% per gallon when compared to gasoline.  For restaurants with significant landscaping, propane can now be used to fuel lawn mowers, also with emission savings.  Finally, for restaurants needing a backup power system to keep walk-ins and freezers cold, propane generators can be a great solution.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

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