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The Big Switch

For many businesses, changing propane suppliers is a daunting task.  If you rely on propane to fuel the forklifts in your warehouse or propane is how you light your burners and ovens in your restaurant, then ensuring that there is no disruption in service is critical to your business.  AmeriGas reliably serves millions of customers every year, providing both commercial service and propane for homes, and we’ve helped countless business owners through the transition process of changing propane suppliers.

AmeriGas Business Continuity Planning

When a business decides to become an AmeriGas customer, their local account manager will guide them through the process including a thorough planning review to make sure their propane supply isn’t interrupted during the transition.  Some of the most common steps to plan for in this process include:

  • A formal notification to your current supplier.  AmeriGas will help or directly provide a notification to your current supplier that a changeover is happening.  In some locations, specific governmental regulations dictate how this must be completed.  For example in Florida, a formal two working day notification must be sent to comply with Chapter 527 of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 5F-11 (SF-11.047) of the Florida LP Gas Laws, Rules and Regulations.  Your local AmeriGas account manager will be able to advise and assist with specific regulations in your area.
  • The placement or use of temporary tanks.  Depending on your business needs as well as state, county, or local regulations, it may be necessary to put AmeriGas propane tanks on-site temporarily to keep you supplied.  For instance, if you currently have underground tanks and will be getting underground tanks from AmeriGas, while that work is being done, we may place above-ground 100 gallon tanks on-site for you to use temporarily.  Again, your local account manager can help asses this need and fit with rules and regulations.
  • Safety and leak checks.  For both temporary tank setups (which we would typically connect in through the 2nd stage regulator during a changeover) and final installations, we will perform a complete system safety check and certify that the system is leak free.  This not only includes the tanks and other equipment provided by AmeriGas but the piping in your facility and your appliances such as ovens or hot water heaters.
  • Permitting and inspections.  In many states and counties, propane safety regulations require installations permits and/or final inspections.  Because your account manager works exclusively in your area, they have deep knowledge of local rules and excellent working relationships with the inspectors.  They will help your navigate the process and coordinate scheduling so that these essential parts are completed.

No matter whether you operate a nursing home, own a bakery, manage a country club or are just in charge of making the propane buying decision for your organization, AmeriGas will help you through the Big Switch, making sure you come out as a hero and your business has the propane you need to keep running.

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