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The Best Return on Investment You’re Going to Get: Autogas Edition

How about a 50% decrease in your total fuel cost and a payback on your investment of approximately one year? How about we also add in the fact that you are helping the environment, will not see any decline in vehicle performance, and will not inconvenience your employees at all? Here’s proof…

A recent article in FleetOwner magazine highlights Lake Michigan Mailers, a company operating in Michigan and Indiana that just upgraded to propane autogas and is seeing immediate benefits. They just upgraded seven vehicles with the Icom North America JTG II bi-fuel liquid injection system (~$6,300 each) and plan to do even more.

“Not only did propane autogas fulfill all of our requirements, but a study showed it would give us the fastest return on our investment,” said their president David Rhoa. The system allows their 7 Ford E-150 vans to run on propane and gasoline for flexibility, but the vast majority of the time they are run on propane. “The savings on a single bi-fuel vehicle running 25,000 mi. typically covers the conversion cost within the first year,” said Rhoa. “After that, the bi-fuel vehicle essentially pays back dividends to the company over the next three years.”

In addition to cost and financial payback, there are operational reasons to choose autogas as well. Since the vans run more than 100 miles per day, EVs for Lake Michigan Mailers were not a viable option. Compressed natural gas would have been too expensive an option for a fleet of their size, and E85 gasoline would have meant going to gas stations that were few and far between. In the end, converting and using a 1,000 gallon propane tank installed by AmeriGas was their best option.

Using autogas also means a fast filling time- the same time as with gasoline, and drivers also do not have to leave their property to fill up or waste time standing around. With regards to the price, the company says that it had a 50% decrease in fuel expenses per propane-powered vehicle over the first nine months of operation. Like we said before, the numbers speak for themselves.

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