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Tee Off on a Green Golf Course

Propane Powered Lawn Mower

For most of us, scheduling a tee time isn’t something we do in December, but it is the ideal time for golf course owners and managers to think about propane.

Propane and Golf? With the ever-changing technology to create a greener environment and a more economical way to mow, Metro Lawn has partnered with R&R Equipment to bring a more cost-efficient solution to golf course landscaping needs. With most golf equipment running on diesel and gasoline, R&R has developed the first propane powered commercial golf and municipal mowers.

The Propane Education and Research Council has a Propane Mower Incentive Program that offers landscape contractors a financial incentive to purchase propane-fueled mowers. Your company can receive $1,000 per each qualified new propane-fueled mower purchased and $500 for each conversion of a qualified mower.

Why propane over diesel or gasoline? Propane costs less, runs cleaner and reduces carbon emissions on average of 70%. 97% of propane produced in the U.S., and is readily available. And Metro Lawn, part of AmeriGas, has more than 1,200 locations nationwide to support your propane needs.

Many are hesitant to switch to a fuel they you don’t know much about. Where do I get propane? Where do I fill up my tank? Who do I call if a mower goes down? Metro Lawn makes switching to propane easy. Our team of trained and certified experts will support your technical needs, while professional service techs and drivers at our local retail locations will set up a fuel program that works with your mowing needs. We’ll also train your employees on how to use propane safely.

Propane mowers not only support a cleaner environment and but will also reduce fuel costs and increase the engine life of your equipment. Why not mow green?



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    Very interesting to see how the IT technology has changed a lot over time

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