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Restaurant Owners & Managers: Have you looked at propane?

The cost of energy is a major component of a restaurant’s operating costs, with energy-intensive appliances and high demands on hot water and HVAC systems. Choosing energy-efficient propane kitchen appliances, space heating and water heating systems can lower those costs and provide a quick return on investment.

Water Heating
In high-demand scenarios, an array of propane tankless water heaters offer a space-saving and cost-efficient way to produce hot water. These tankless racks create redundancy, so the hot water supply will continue even if one unit is out of commission. Tankless water heaters offer economical, on-demand, endless hot water. Furthermore, they can be installed either inside or outside, depending on climate.

Space Heating
An efficient rooftop furnace can quickly and cost-effectively heat a restaurant, and can serve two different zones for the kitchen and seating area. Newer units have multiple stages and microprocessors to reduce energy costs, along with variable airflow to meet diverse heating loads.

Propane and gas can be used to cost-effectively fuel a large variety of kitchen equipment: stoves, ovens, fryers, rice cookers, griddles, steamers, broilers and buffets.

Propane fire places can be used for decorative or space heating purposes. These units are “heater-rated,” providing efficient heating to an individual room or space. High-efficiency propane fireplaces can achieve fireplace efficiency ratings of more than 90%.

Patio Amenities: Heaters, Sconces, Tiki Torches & More
Enhance the curb appeal of your patio and entrance area with patio heaters, sconces and tiki torches. Propane-powered patio heaters can extend your outdoor dining season by raising outdoor air temperature to comfortable levels. Add additional amenities to further enhance your outdoor patio or courtyard, like fire pits, hearths and decorate flame features.

Learn More
To learn more about how propane and how it can help your restaurant bring the best to your customers, contact your local AmeriGas account manager.

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