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6 Reasons More Home Builders Are Recommending Propane

Did you know that 70% of all new homes use either natural gas or propane? Propane is a great way for home builders to accommodate a home buyer’s desire for gas when natural gas lines aren’t available. Propane is the clean, reliable, portable energy that goes anywhere and powers almost anything. When natural gas isn’t available, AmeriGas propane gives today’s home buyers all the benefits of natural gas – and a choice beyond oil and electric. So why are home builders recommending propane? Let’s look at the top six reasons:

1. More Referrals. By recommending propane when natural gas is not available, home owners are getting what they really want – gas appliances. And home builders are getting excellent future referrals.

2. Enhanced builder image. By offering home buyers an option they may not have thought of, the home builder’s reputation will grow as a knowledgeable builder dedicated to pleasing the home buyer.

3. Greater resale value. Homes with gas appliances have greater resale value, which reflects positively on both the home builder and the home owner.

4. Better profit potential. With more applications for using propane inside and outside of the home, home builder profit potential increases.

5. Bigger savings. By building communities utilizing a centralized propane system, home builders can capitalize on increasing profit potentials.

6. Environmental protection. Both home builders and home owners will feel good about using a clean-burning energy source approved as an alternative fuel  by the Clean Air Act of 1990.

AmeriGas is America’s largest leading propane supplier, delivering propane to more than 2 million customers nationwide. We also serve a growing list of builders who are discovering the many ways propane can please their buyers while also enhancing their own profitability. Like to learn more about our propane systems? Contact your AmeriGas account manager today.

For more information about propane for home builders, there are several resources at the Propane Education & Research Council to:

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