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Forklifts for Your Holiday Help

As the busiest time of the year for businesses is upon us, if your company is moving more products and presents for your clients than usual for the holiday season, why not look into some extra help for your warehouse. Consider renting or purchasing an efficient, hard-working propane operated forklift to make your busy business season more merry.

For more than fifty years, AmeriGas has delivered forklift fuel that companies nationwide depend on. Whether it is with cylinder exchange or on-site cylinder refueling with bulk tanks, last year alone, AmeriGas provided over 3 million portable propane cylinders and safely and successfully made over 1 million deliveries to our forklift and engine fuel customers.

Propane Operated Forklift (Courtesy of RCCL Pvt. Ltd)

Forklifts can be essential in your business in countless ways: Storing and retrieving in warehouses, loading and unloading trucks, transporting heavy materials from one area of the building or construction site to another, and by attaching a plow, they can even assist with snow removal in inclement weather.

Advantages for companies that use propane operated forklifts include the flexibility of being able to be used both indoors and outdoors, unlike electric forklifts. Propane operated lifts also lower maintenance costs, as the propane is eco-friendly and is a clean burning non-toxic source of fuel, and it releases less emissions into the atmosphere than gasoline powered lifts.

Here at AmeriGas, we wish you a safe and successful holiday season!

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