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Benefits for Your Community and Religious Organizations with AmeriGas

For over fifty years community and religious organizations and their members have depended on AmeriGas for their propane energy needs for one simple reason. We deliver.

We not only deliver the economical, environmentally friendly energy they depend on for their facilities, member homes and businesses, but our Referral Awards and Community Care programs can help to offset organizational energy expenses.

When you choose AmeriGas for your propane energy needs, your organization can receive a $100 or $150 Referral Award propane invoice credit for every referral that becomes a new AmeriGas residential heating or commercial customer. In addition, through our Community Care program, organizations can receive up to $2,000 per year simply by collecting AmeriGas propane receipts.

We have over 6,000 dedicated employees nationwide who are members of the community, friends and neighbors. Your local dedicated Account Manager, Customer Relations Representative and Delivery Personnel are committed to the community and your individual organization’s propane energy needs.

AmeriGas delivers a winning combination for your organization and its members! Our Referral Awards and Community Care programs can go a long way to help offset facility expenses and more. New AmeriGas customers enjoy the benefits of: Senior Citizen Discounts, SmartPay Budget Plan, Guaranteed Price Programs, Payment Protection Plan, Automatic Delivery, 24/7 Emergency Service, Flexible Payment Options and more!

Your community or religious organization can earn:
$100 Referral Award propane invoice credit for every new residential heating customer OR
$150 credit for every business that becomes a new AmeriGas customer.

There is no limit to the total amount of referrals you can earn! Plus, our Xtra Referral Reward program allows your organization to earn even more for multiple new customer accounts!

In addition, AmeriGas has our Community Care Program, which your community and religious organizations can benefit greatly from. Community or religious organizations can earn rebates, up to $2,000 per calendar year for AmeriGas customer member propane purchases. Simply collect and submit your member’s original AmeriGas propane purchase receipts. You will be surprised at how quickly the gallons add up!

Another encouraging factor is that AmeriGas offers several payment options, including the SmartPay Budget Plan, which is very popular among community and religious organizations. SmartPay allows for easy monthly payments, plus a $.02/gallon discount.

Lastly, AmeriGas has a proven safety performance. With a full-time safety management team following highest industry standards and highly trained, certified technicians, AmeriGas consistently makes over 4 million deliveries safely and reliably to our customers annually. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Service.

With over 1.3 million American’s trust AmeriGas to deliver their propane, your community and/or religious organizations can too! Contact us today to start your savings.

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