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Roush Propane Drag Racers Finish 1-2 at Route 66 Raceway

Susan Roush-McClenaghan’s burnout at Route 66 Raceway

Route 66 Raceway, Joliet IL • July 15, 2013
Susan Roush-McClenaghan and teammate Donnie Bowles were the last two standing – going head to head for the win at the 8th Annual NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing in Joliet, IL. For the third time this year it has come down to the propane racers McClenaghan vs. Bowles. Down to the wire, Susan beat out Donnie, winning her third race of the year, with two out of three wins against teammate Donnie Bowles. This race was once again McClenaghan’s turn to finish first.

Powered by propane, Roush-McClenaghan is running a new engine this year. Her 2010 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang has a new Ford “Coyote” engine bored to 311 c.i.d. with a Roush Supercharger along with a Roush Clean Tech Liquid Propane Injection System all which generates in excess of 880 horsepower. Susan ran a 9.5 at 143.26 MPH in a ¼ mile, Donnie ran a 9.9 at 127.41 MPH. The entire race team was impressed with the performance of this engine as Susan “smoked” the field.

AmeriGas/Metro Lawn sponsors both racing vehicles. When asked why the Roush Drag Team chose propane as their choice to power their racecars, Susan said, “in our testing propane compared to the different racing fuels, we achieved the same amount of torque and power that was achieved from other racing fuels.” Susan also said, “With propane being an American fuel and producing fewer emissions, those were the deciding factors.”

Propane is very safe to use as a motor fuel and has a significantly lower flammability than gasoline. It is the third most popular motor fuel (behind gasoline and diesel), and there are more than 12 million propane-fueled vehicles on roads across the world.



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