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Ready, set, skate!

Ready, set, skate! As we continue with the transition of seasons, it’s that time to store your bicycles and sharpen your ice skates. Besides your ice skates, another necessity for a successful outing at the ice rink does not come in pairs like your skates. It stands alone and this machine weighs in around five tons and on average travels about 2,000 miles a year, all over any given ice rink.

Zamboni (courtesy of

What is it? An ice resurfacer! And how does this machine operate? Many are fueled by propane! Before the first ice resurfacer was invented back in 1949 by Frank Zamboni, it used to require three to four people and over one hour to complete a manual resurfacing. When ice resurfacers are operated with propane, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 19%, creates 20% less nitrogen oxide and up to 60% less carbon monoxide. Check out more benefits of propane fuel.

This season, when you take to the ice, know that because of this machine and its reliance on propane/LPG/autogas, your time at the rink will more consist of skating, twirling and hopefully not stumbling too much on the ice with less intermission for the ice resurfacing. Just enough time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!

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