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Propane Produces Less Carbon than Gasoline = Fact

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The World LP Gas Forum was held last week in London. The conference was opened by Princess Anne, and in London propane experts and industry veterans discussed the current state of the global LPG market and where it is headed.

One of the interesting presentations that was picked up in the news media was from Dr. Eric Johnson of Atlantic Consulting. Dr. Johnson was able to study German emissions data and actually prove that vehicles that run on Autogas LPG emit less carbon than do vehicles that run on gasoline. The average LPG vehicle turns out to have 11% lower emissions compared to gasoline.

“We’ve generally known that Autogas LPG is lower carbon than petrol, but this recent evidence proves it conclusively. Indeed, what had been a trickle of automotive emissions data has now turned into a flood in recent years, which will surely give further support of the benefits of using Autogas LPG and driving a bi-fuelled car,” Dr. Johnson was quoted as saying.

Other data that came up in the article are there are 20 different vehicle manufacturers in Europe who put LPG-ready vehicles in their showrooms. In the UK there are approximately 160,000 vehicles that run on Autogas with 12,000 estimated new conversions every year. The UK itself has about 1,400 Autogas refueling stations.

The most recent estimate is that by 2020 there will be almost 23 million vehicles running on LPG. This industry certainly has a long runway for growth!

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