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Propane-Powered School Buses: Coming to a School District Near You

School buses fueled by propane autogas provide a reliable, clean and affordable alternative to diesel in a growing number of school bus fleets across the nation. School systems are choosing school buses fueled by propane autogas to reduce or eliminate diesel exhaust to better comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations issued in 2004 and 2010 that require significant reductions in hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines.

Blue Bird Next Generation Propane-Powered Vision Type C school bus

The Blue Bird Next Generation Propane-Powered Vision Type C school bus.

Leading school  bus manufacturers, including Blue Bird Corporation and Collins Bus Corporation, offer affordable buses fueled by propane autogas. Blue Bird Corporation and Roush CleanTech unveiled the Blue Bird Next Generation Propane-Powered Vision Type C school bus in July 2011. This model, built on a Blue Bird chassis with a Ford 6.8-liter engine, offers 362 horsepower, 457 pounds of torque and seating for up to 78 passengers.

PERC Funding also supported the development of two Type A school buses fueled by propane autogas. In 2010, Collins Bus Corporation in partnership with CleanFuel USA, released the NexBus, and Blue Bird and Roush CleanTech released the MicroBird G5. The Propane-Powered Micro Bird G5, uses Ford’s E-450 chassis with a 6.8L engine and Roush propane system, offering best-in-class horsepower and torque. This model features a capacity of up to 30 passengers and a fuel tank that allows travel of up to 320 miles.

The Collins Bus Corporation's NexBus

The Collins Bus Corporation’s NexBus.

School districts are rapidly making the switch to propane autogas. Each week, you read about dozens of school districts who understand the value of propane autogas, for fiscal reasons as well as to ensure the safety of our children. Learn more today at


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