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Propane-Powered Mobile Food Revolution

Just when you thought Americans were comfortably settled down with their stretchy pants and fast food comas, an emerging trend has captured their attention, and gotten customers to their feet.

(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

In light of the economic recession of 2008, chefs and entrepreneurs used their creativity to roll-out a casual excitement that created a new dining experience – the food truck revolution. Lines continue to grow for unusual fusions of flavor (Korean bbq, for example), interestingly decorated vehicles and exciting concepts that pop up in cities and events all over the U.S.

Quick, eccentric and convenient eats provided by food trucks adapt to the mobility, varied palettes and spontaneity people crave. Eating has gotten more exciting, as foodies connect via social media to their favorite trucks, seeking out their delicious signature concoctions.

Food truck lovers know that a big part of the attraction is all about the chase. Food trucks keep customers looking for that great meal they bought on the side of the street, and bring their loyal customers to new venues, while attracting new fans.

Keeping the mystery alive would be impossible without a power source that allows the trucks to operate independently. One of the most common sources of fuel for the best food trucks is none other than clean-burning propane.

That’s right – not only can you use your AmeriGas propane on the grill to make some burgers and dogs in the comfort of your backyard, but it’s also providing the sizzle and even the heat for the best food truck masterpieces roaming the streets today.

Beside the delicious euphoria that comes along with a gourmet grilled cheese, or a savory street-side crepe, food trucks have these benefits:

  • Smaller biological footprint – there is less upkeep for a truck, and the truck engine can even run on propane too!
  • Less energy usepropane fueled generators can power the whole truck
  • Lessened vehicle miles – people walk to a truck, but drive more to restaurants
  • Outdoor heating – some food trucks have incorporated heaters and fire pits to keep people outside into the colder months. Beat cabin fever with this great way to get outside.

Whether you want to try some of these delectable mobile delicacies, or would rather try some of your own pairings on the grill, AmeriGas is the way to go. Find your closest AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange Center today, and try a creative new concoction of your own!


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