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Propane Council Extends Propane Mower Incentive Program into 2013

Thinking of converting your mowers to propane? Go for it! Not only will you be making the conscious effort to go greener, but you can now take advantage of incentives up to $1,000. Besides the recently extended incentives, why convert to propane? This move will lower operating costs, including maintenance and fuel cost savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50%, and reduce carbon emissions up to 70% are a few reasons. To learn more about propane powered mowers visit our MetroLawn site. Check out our fuel savings calculator to see your potential savings!

What is the incentive?

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recently extended its popular Propane Mower Incentive Program through 2013, giving landscape contractors another full year to apply for more than $1 million in incentives toward the purchase of new propane-fueled commercial mowers or propane mower conversion kits. 
Applicants accepted into the program can receive either $1,000 toward each newly purchased propane-fueled commercial mower or $500 toward qualified mowers converted to run on propane.

Jeremy Wishart, projects manager at PERC advises that “Propane means savings on fuel and operating costs, and propane virtually eliminates spillage… More than 30 models of propane-fueled commercial mowers are available from industry-leading brands, and existing equipment can be converted to run on propane.”

Convert your mowers today to spend less on your operating costs tomorrow!

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