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Propane AutoGas Scores Big with Paratransit Industry

Propane-fueled shuttle buses provide reliable transportation within airport complexes, corporate and university campuses, parks, and hospital systems. Propane’s efficiency and affordability make propane-fueled shuttle buses, taxis and limousines a wise choice for demanding, high-mileage routes that require frequent idling. Propane shuttle buses, taxis and limousines can also help fleet managers comply with federal requirements for alternative fuel vehicles and help park operations minimize the environmental impacts of passenger vehicle traffic.

Propane AutoGas for Paratransit Industry

Propane fueled shuttle buses, taxis and limousines offer the following benefits:

  • Improved fuel efficiency over personal vehicles; selected shuttle buses, taxis and limousines can be approximately three times more fuel efficient than passenger cars.
  • A viable pathway for complying with federal alternative fuel vehicle requirements for fleets.
  • Simple, often on-site, refueling processes.
  • Cost-effective development of on-site refueling infrastructure.
  • Purchase or conversion rebates and incentives offered by federal and state organizations.
  • Tax credits and exemptions on refueling costs.
With lower fuel and maintenance costs, Fleet Directors and Operators nationwide are turning to AutoGas for their alternative fuel source. Our turn-key solutions offer real ROI enhanced by Federal, State and Local incentive programs promoting propane autogas. These financial incentives help defray near term conversion and/or infrastructure capital expenditures through tax deductions, grants and rebates.
To learn more, check out our AutoGas website or fill out this form for a free, no obligation Autogas analysis by your local AmeriGas AutoGas representative. 


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