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Propane AutoGas Road Show

AmeriGas Propane was a sponsor and presenter at the Propane Road Show held in New Orleans on Thursday October 25th, hosted by the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuels Partnership and the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program. Troy Hicks, AmeriGas’s regional alternative fuels Metro Lawn specialist, provided fleet managers, operators, mechanics and drivers an opportunity to learn about propane autogas.

Propane is a clean alternative fuel that is powering fleets across the U.S. and saving fleets money on operational costs. In addition to informational technical presentations on propane as a transportation fuel, fleet operators currently using propane discussed their propane use experience, and vehicles were on display and for test drives.

Propane Powered Ford F150

Above, Troy Hicks provides test drives a ROUSH propane powered Ford F150 and discussed the benefits of vehicles and mowers using propane.Β 

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Cost Savings

  • Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) incentive programsavailable
  • A variety of government programsare available for special tax credits, grants and funding programs
  • State, county and city agencieswith special propane incentives for qualifying fleets
  • Lower fuel costs than gasoline or diesel, averaging $1 less per gallon than regular unleaded gasoline
  • Historically lower fuel costs than gasoline or diesel, averaging $1 less per gallon than regular unleaded gasoline
  • Other incentives include the alternative fuel infrastructure tax credit for alternative fuel refueling facilities with a credit for 30% of the refueling property’s cost up to $30,000

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 19%
  • Creates 20% less nitrogen oxide
  • Creates up to 60% less carbon monoxide
  • Virtually no particulate matter
  • Improved air quality
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