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Propane Autogas Trucks in the AmeriGas Fleet

One thing about being the largest propane company in the U.S. is that you also end up with one of the largest fleets in the country.   AmeriGas counts over 5,000 vehicles as part of our fleet, which places the fleet among the top 50 biggest fleets in the U.S.  As part of that fleet, we’re proud to include a number of propane autogas fueled service trucks, notably 2010 and 2011 Ford F-250s, like the one in the photograph below.

AmeriGas' Propane Autogas Fueled F-250

One of AmeriGas' Propane Autogas Fueled Ford F-250 Trucks

And we are actively expanding our fleet of propane autogas vehicles.  “Twelve years ago we ran most of our bobtails and service vehicles on propane,” AmeriGas CEO Eugene Bissell recently reflected.  Today, you can see our propane autogas trucks in the service fleet at our Temecula and San Diego, CA; Bellaire and Fremont, MI; Jackson, WY; and Hillside, IL district locations.

The goal to get the fleet of more than 2300 and nearly 2500 bobtail trucks powered by propane is part of AmeriGas’ ongoing commitment to customers, shareholders, and the environment.  According to studies done by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), propane vehicles emit as much as 18% less greenhouse gases, 20% less NOX, and 60% less carbon monoxide when compared to gasoline powered vehicles.  Furthermore, lower fuel prices and longer maintenance intervals reduce the operating costs for the fleet, potentially resulting in savings of tens of millions of dollars for AmeriGas.  Finally our customers benefit as we are better able to help fleet directors and managers roll out their own propane vehicle fleets, taking advantage of AmeriGas’ nationwide infrastructure and knowledge.  As Gene summed it up, “we’re excited for AmeriGas and we’re excited for all of the other fleets that can take advantage of the benefits.”

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