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Metro Lawn Loves Roush Drag Racing!

Susan Roush-McClenaghan’s propane powered Mustang.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s only right to take a minute to talk about something Metro Lawn loves – like our Roush Drag Racing team. Spring is just around the corner and that means racing season is gearing up. Who doesn’t love racing season? From drag racing to NASCAR, race fans all over the world love the fast cars, the incredible speed and even the smell of burnt oil you’ll find at any racetrack.

What do we love about Roush Drag Racing? Drivers Susan Roush-McClenaghan and Donnie Bowles are the only team to compete with propane, and have proven it is a highly competitive racing fuel. Roush-McClenaghan states; “When it was first announced (we were using propane), many thought the idea Roush fielding a propane-fuel drag car was a bit of a gimmick. We all understand that propane burns cleaner than gasoline, but can it really be competitive on the race track?”

1. Proven Performance! Roush Drag Team racers Susan Roush-McClenaghan and Donnie Bowles, Jr. have proven the power of propane. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Roush drag team has won the Drag Racing Championship, proving propane is a winning fuel.

2. One-of-a-kind Racing! The Roush Drag team is the only team to run on propane, an American fuel with 97% produced in North America. With propane’s high octane rating it not only reduces emissions but also reduces maintenance and helps the engine to run cleaner. It’s also less expensive than gasoline or diesel, reducing overall fuel costs.

3. We Love Speed… on the track, that is. The Roush Drag team has speed! Susan’s 2010 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang, with a new Ford “Coyote” engine bored to 311 c.i.d. with a Roush Supercharger along with a Roush Clean Tech Liquid Propane Injection System, generates in excess of 820 horsepower. In 2013, Susan ran a 9.11 at 149.97 MPH in a ¼ mile.

Roush has proven propane is a winning fuel. Metro Lawn and AmeriGas loves that propane has proven its performance as an alternative racing fuel again and again. We are proud sponsor Roush Drag Racing as it continues to prove the exceptional performance of propane. Roush-McClenaghan said, “in our testing Propane compared to the different racing fuels, (the fuel we compared LPG to during testing was VP C14 (114 octane race gasoline), we achieved the same amount of torque and power that was achieved from other racing fuels.”

Lawn Propane Conversions and AmeriGas professionals are trained and certified on propane conversions and offer fuel solutions unmatched by any other. Expect the complete package from our experts, from training and ongoing technical support to propane deliveries that match your propane needs. Want to find out more about switching your landscaping equipment or fleet to propane? Metro Contact Jim Coker at or visit us online here.

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