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Getting to Know the Icom JTG II Bifuel Liquid Injection Propane System

Icom North America, LLC of New Hudson, Michigan is a pioneer in Liquid Injection. Icom manufactures, assembles and distributes the patented  JTG II Liquid Injection System, which is available in Bifuel and Monofuel and has over 10,000 systems in use in North America. Icom Systems meet NFPA 58 and DOT FMVSS 303, are Canadian IGAC Certified to -40 degrees, E67R01 Certified and have been successfully Crash Tested on certain applications. Icom has the Industries Leading List of over 600 EPA Certified Platforms.


Icom’s JTG II Liquid Injection System

6 JTG II System Advantages
1. The system is “plug and play” – the fuel tank, fuel rails and hoses are pre-assembled.

2. No need to alter OEM ECU in any way.

3. Propane injectors are calibrated to match gasoline injectors in amount of energy delivered with fuel.

4. Complete standard OBDII factory diagnostics.

5. Propane injection system is not affected by temperature changes.

6. No cutting, splicing or soldering required – only three electrical connections are needed to operate the JTG II system: two to the battery for power and one to the factory fuel injector wire harness.

Diesel/Propane Liquid Injection Blend System: Coming Soon

Later this year, Icom is preparing to release the patented Icom JTGhp Direct Injection Systems for GM Ecotec and Ford Ecoboost engines and a Diesel/Propane Liquid Injection Blend System for certain popular diesel applications.

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