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Getting to Know the American Alternative Fuel GEN3 Conversion System for Your Fleet


American Alternative Fuel and AmeriGas Propane can help you convert your existing vehicles to run on clean, American-made alternative fuel. Specializing in aftermarket EPA-certified conversion systems that drastically lower costs, reduce emissions, and lower your dependency on foreign oil, the GEN3 Conversion system could be the perfect answer for converting your fleet.

Here are the 7 components of the GEN3 Conversion System:

•ECM (Electronic Control Module injector drive capability up to 10 cyl.
•Injector diagnostics – constant monitoring of no load, overload and driver temperature
•Diagnostics, service and parameter load software operates from Windows PC applications

2. Reducer
•Large capacity (14 gr/s)
•Adjustable pressure range with anti-temper seal
•Integrated OEM coolant sensor
•Electronic lock off valve, liquid filter & magnet
•Compact design for ease of installation

3.  Filter Unit
•Compact design with single or duel delivery outlets
•Dry gas filter to protect the fine tolerance of the injectors from gaseous pollutants
•Combined gaseous temperature & pressure sensor
4. Injector Rail
•Uncomplicated fitting
•Assembled and leak tested at factory
•2/3/4/5/6 cylinder assemblies
5.  OEM Injector
•Developed by Keihin Corp. Japan, ensuring quality and reliability
•Linear flow rate from minimum to maximum flow
•Model range available for small and large engines
•OEM-quality injectors; performance guaranteed
6. Fuel Selector Switch
•Select fuel via smart touch control
•Informs operator of LPG tank contents
•Audible buzzer alert low level switching or fault codes, illuminated fault code warning with LED
7. Tank
•Tanks of all necessary sizes and configurations
•ASME-approved autogas fuel tank

About American Alternative Fuel

American Alternative Fuel is a leader in bringing practical Alternative Fuel Technology to the fleet vehicles of America. We research and test the latest fuel technologies to determine the most cost-effective and practical approach for your application. These conversion systems make energy independence a reality by reducing dependence on gasoline-only powered vehicles. Utilizing the best equipment the world has to offer, we provide the complete solution, including: fuel supply infrastructure, conversion equipment, complete vehicles, service and maintenance. To learn more, visit

About AmeriGas AutoGas

Companies and municipalities nationwide turn to AmeriGas AutoGas for their alternative fuel. Propane powered vehicles are growing in popularity with 300,000 in the United States and over 17 million globally! Propane AutoGas is the functional alternative fuel that represents a sustainable energy solution helping the environment and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. To learn more, visit

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