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Engine Performance Below Zero Degrees: Not a Problem!

Propane-powered School Bus

One of the additional “pros” of propane: engines running on the fuel have no problem running at colder-than-average temperatures. As reported in NGT News recently: “Blue Bird…student-services fleets that were running propane buses during the recent ‘polar vortex’ reported no problems starting or operating their vehicles.”

Leslie Sheldon of All Star Transportation in Torrington, CT said: “The temperature here dipped as low as minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit…the propane autogas buses made the lives of our technicians and bus drivers easier, as the buses started perfectly and came up to temperature promptly.”

Also recorded is the report of an owner in eastern Wisconsin, who reported “easy starting… and less headaches,” when compared to other fuel sources. In Wisconsin, the temperature had dropped to -27 degrees Fahrenheit!

Blue Bird is also quoted as stating that the propane autogas fuel systems perform better in cold weather because of propane’s natural, constant liquid form at cold temperatures, allowing better control of the air-to-fuel ratio required for startup dependability. Just one more reason to switch your fleet to autogas!

With lower fuel and maintenance costs, Fleet Directors and Operators nationwide are turning to AmeriGas AutoGas for their alternative fuel source. Our turn-key solutions offer real ROI enhanced by Federal, State and Local incentive programs promoting propane autogas. These financial incentives help defray near-term conversion and/or infrastructure capital expenditures through tax deductions, grants and rebates.  Please contact your local account manager for additional information.


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