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A Day In the Life: Metro Lawn Alternative Fuel Specialist

Meetings, racing events, open houses, meet & greets, trainings – you name it; the Metro Lawn team does it. There is no typical day in the life of the Metro Lawn Team. In the last month, many have spent very little time at home. They spend their days traveling to potential customers, educating and training staff and customers about propane autogas, planning and executing events and promoting propane autogas.

David Rigney, Metro Lawn Alternative Fuel Specialist

What do you have planned over the next several weeks?

Working with local AmeriGas managers to plan upcoming events with Clean Cities. Then, we have a race (with Susan Roush and her propane autogas-powered Mustang), which involves catering, setting up the tent, putting together the Employee Appreciation tent, meeting our customers, doing a meet and greet with the pit crew and Susan and basically being the event coordinator.

How about the following week, where will you be?

The next week, I will be going with an AmeriGas Account Manager to meet with the local Sheriff office to discuss propane autogas conversions for their fleet.

What is one of the most valuable tools you bring along to events?

We have an Envirogard Mower, a propane zero turn lawnmower, that we use for shows, demos and loaners. An interested landscaper can get the mower for a period of time during which we educate the staff on autogas and let them test out the mower.

What happens after the trial period ends?

We do a thorough analysis for them to determine the monetary savings, discuss contracts, set up propane training for their staff and begin conversion education. We also discuss state incentives which may be available to them and help them to take advantage of these incentives for OEMs and conversions.

What has been the most memorable event you have planned or attended?

It would have to be attending the GIE (Green Industry Expo). Here we have hundreds of potential customers coming to our booth to discuss propane lawn mowers.  It provides an ultimate opportunity to discuss our unique “program” with dealers, landscapers, municipalities, mechanics and so much more.  Last year we had the AmeriGas sponsor propane dragster (Susan Roush McClenaghan)in the booth.  This brought an additional  amount of interest of everyone to us which enabled us to discuss the power, torque, cleanliness and sustainability of LPG.

Why should fleets consider propane as their alternative fuel source?

Simply put,  Financial!  Every company needs to justify every expense.  The ROI for Autogas depends on the cost of the fuel and the amount of miles being driven. Simple equation shows that Autogas will provide a company  a relative short ROI.  After that, they are making money.  It is true that they going to reduce carbon and other VOC’s and extending the life of their engines….but it’s truly economics

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