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A Day in the Life: AmeriGas Transport Driver

AmeriGas Transport Driver, Russell Dillow and his PTI truck

When you’re on the road driving, it’s hard to miss the large white tanker truck that you are sharing your route with. Ever wonder where they’re coming from or headed to? One of our PTI drivers, Russell Dillow, shares some of his daily routine with us for our blog series, A Day in the Life… of an AmeriGas transport driver:

What does PTI stand for?
Propane Transport International

How long have you been with AmeriGas?
I’ve been in the propane industry for 25 years. I have been with AmeriGas the last 16 of those years.

What does a typical work day for you consist of?
I am normally dispatched with two loads of propane to be delivered to different AmeriGas districts. My specific district areas include DE, MA, VA, PA and NJ.
I normally make 2 transports a day, driving around 500 miles a day. When delivering the propane it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to unload the propane.

Where’s the worst traffic you encounter?
Northern NJ and all around Baltimore, MD!

Do you have a favorite part of your job?
I like the diversity of each day, traveling to all different places and I really like the equipment I use. The truck has been upgraded in the past several years making it more comfortable to drive and easier to dispense.

In regards to your the truck upgrade, what do you like most about the upgraded truck?
It’s much more comfortable and has wonderful amenities. Plus it looks sleek!

Do you have a busy season?
Mid-December through the end of March is really busy. Which makes sense because the colder the month, the more propane people use/need.

Earlier this year, you participated in our Bring Your Child to Work Day here at our Field Service Center in Valley Forge, PA. What did you enjoy most about the kids you taught?
How inquisitive they are! Asking very good questions, having fun learning about all my truck does and of course, blowing the horn!

Tell us more about you and your background?
I’m from Mortonville, PA (outside of Coatsville), and was formerly the mayor of this tiny town (back then it was 5 homes and 2 bars!)
As for my hobbies, I really like to hunt and fish… and grill!

And your favorite thing to grill is?
Brook trout, Brown trout, and the state of PA’s fish, Rainbow trout.

Besides the delicious grill foods your propane cylinder can assist in making, why do you think people should use propane?
It’s very efficient, burns hotter and is safe.  Overall, they get more bang for their buck.

Any propane tips to offer?
If you think you have a problem or leak. Make a call, don’t wait. Safety first!

Safety is Russell’s number one focus on the road and throughout his daily transports and deliveries on the job. Here at AmeriGas, like Russell, safety is our highest priority and we look forward to serving you.

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