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Restaurant Patio Amenities: Heaters, Sconces, Tiki Torches & More

Restaurants: Propane-powered patio heaters can extend your outdoor dining season by raising outdoor air temperature to comfortable levels. Enhance the curb appeal of your patio and entrance area with patio heaters, sconces and tiki torches. Add additional amenities to further …

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Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants: Benefits of Propane

For hotel, resort and restaurant owners and operators, the two-prong path to profitability is simple: keep operating costs under control, and keep customers coming back time after time. Building hospitality buildings with propane provides an opportunity to offer delightful amenities …

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Restaurants Profit from Propane

When you think about how propane can assist with restaurants, most associate it with the cooking aspect of the business. True, it assists with ranges and ovens, but also in fryers, broilers, and flat tops. Cooking would also include the restaurants …

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Ensure that your guests ‘Sleep Tight, and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!’

The Cicadas are coming this Spring and there is nothing we can do about it. But bedbugs, that’s a different story. Unlike Cicadas that only surface once every seventeen years,  bedbugs are a constant threat, infesting homes and businesses by hiding and …

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4 Ways Propane Can Provide Hospitality Energy

The US Department of Labor cites that the hospitality industry is projected to experience high growth through 2014. With quick growth anticipated, it is important for hospitality industry workers to evaluate potential energy sources. Propane is a viable option, which …

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