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Why You Should Feel Safe Using Your Propane Cylinder

Safety is our priority here at AmeriGas. In light of recent events calling attention to the need for safe practices in using propane, including Hannah Storm’s experience, we would like to remind you how we are taking steps to keep you grilling, and how YOU can take propane safety into your own hands.

Hannah Storm, image courtesy of Huffington Post

Propane is a clean-burning, cost effective and safe means to heat your house, power your vehicles, and my personal favorite, grill some great food. Our over 45,000 AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange locations make getting your propane convenient, but did you also know that we triple-leak check each cylinder at our state-of-the-art processing centers?

We follow a 100% inspection policy and offer additional support with our friendly customer assistance and 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service because we want our customers to know their product is reliable. The cylinder that you pick up has been through all kinds of safety measures, from the time we receive it, to the time we stock the cages to make your grilling, outdoor heating, and overall use more enjoyable.

You can take safety into your own hands, too. The key to using propane correctly is reading the warning labels found on the container and following the safety guidelines on By practicing proper use, storage and transportation, you will make those cookouts less work, and more fun. Propane must be taken care of properly, and by knowing the best way to handle your cylinders, you will get the best value from AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange.

By combining our safety precautions and your knowledge of best practices in using your AmeriGas Propane Cylinder, you can focus on the important things in life – like what’s for dinner.

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