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Propane is Green, and so is AmeriGas Headquarters


Rooftop of AmeriGas’ Field Service Center


As a propane company, AmeriGas is an advocate for clean, environmentally friendly energy. What you might not know is that our corporate headquarters in Valley Forge, PA, is an example of our commitment to environmental responsibility. A green office building, it garnered silver LEED certification in 2012.

In late-December 2009, an electrical fire caused extensive damage to the corporate headquarters of AmeriGas and its parent company, UGI. The company’s leaders chose to turn misfortune into opportunity by converting a 38-year-old antiquated building into a model of energy efficient renovation. “We sell electric, natural gas and propane, and we need to try to do the right thing where energy is concerned,” states UGI facilities manager Marcia Vogt, who oversaw the project.

Over the course of the next year, UGI’s leaders and LEED architect worked with property restoration company BELFOR and two division of UGI HVAC EnterprisesDenny’s Electric and McHugh Service—to integrate green energy concepts into the rebuilding of the structure.

• Scrap metal, furniture, concrete and other waste materials were collected in segregated dumpsters and 80 percent of the waste created by the fire was able to be recycled by businesses that specifically handle those materials.
• More than half of the wood used in the project was Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning that it came from forests specifically grown and maintained for harvest. Recycled steel, concrete and aluminum were also used in the project.
• Energy-efficient boilers replaced outdated systems and the heating, cooling and ventilation system was rehabilitated and upgraded to a more efficient computer-controlled system.
• Plain glass windows were replaced by energy-efficient low-e glass.
• Materials with high percentages of recycled content were used to replace carpet, ceiling tile and furniture.
• Existing lighting was replaced by computer-controlled lighting to reduce power consumption. Motion-activated lights in offices and conference rooms turn off after several minutes of no movement in the room, and photo cells control the dimming of the lights along window walls when more natural light enters through the windows.
• Solar panels installed on the roof generate 3 percent of the building’s annual energy use, and representatives from other businesses considering integrating solar panels into their facilities have visited the UGI/AmeriGas corporate office to view its solar panel array.

Overall, the renovation has reduced the building’s energy consumption by 35 percent.

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    Your prices are ridiculously high! Corporate crooks you are all responsible for destroying our country! You get richer and we get poorer…and you sit there and laugh about it. Karma is more real than you think…make a world your kids and grandchildren can survive in…jeez at least charge fair prices….you’re just damn crooks!!! Gotta find a better way before next winter…and believe me I will!!!

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