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Meet AmeriGas’ New President and CEO

Jerry Sheridan

Jerry Sheridan, AmeriGas President & CEO

AmeriGas has a new president and chief executive officer—Jerry E. Sheridan, who joined AmeriGas in 2005 as vice president and chief financial officer and was elected to the position of vice president and chief operating officer in May 2011. Sheridan succeeds Eugene V. N. Bissell, who retired March 2. Prior to joining AmeriGas, Sheridan served as president and CEO of Potters Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer of engineered glass materials and a wholly owned subsidiary of PQ Corporation.

Sheridan is well-versed in acquisitions, with AmeriGas having completed approximately 50 in the last seven years since he came to the company as CFO, and he expects the integration of AmeriGas and Heritage to be transformative. Here, Sheridan shares some of his thoughts on the path ahead.

What are you most excited about for 2012?

In 2012, we’re taking on the three-pronged challenge of integrating the Heritage businesses and completing our rollout of upgraded systems technology at more than 300 locations while also managing the day-to-day business in an extreme warm weather year. It’s not so much this year but next year when we expect to realize efficiencies from the joining of the businesses and see the best practices from both organizations combine to enhance service to our customers.

Where do you see the new AmeriGas in five years?

In five years, we will have moved well beyond the integration, doing business as one company—the new AmeriGas—but we’ll also be providing a more consistent service experience to customers across all of our locations. We expect AmeriGas to be the largest acquirer of propane businesses in the United States, and we see our enhanced technology allowing us to delight a new generation of propane customers who will prefer that we market and transact with them online.

How will consumers benefit from the joining of the two companies?

The integration will make AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange more easily available to consumers in 220 new geographic areas, as well as offering many businesses in those areas the benefits of centralized billing and service through our national accounts program. Most importantly, as the largest propane supplier, we have the resources to invest in equipment and technology that can maximize the customer experience while maintaining the folksy feel of the “local propane company” in all of our locations.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Superman. He’s, nearly invincible. And he has the greatest tagline: fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

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  1. Lisa
    Posted March 11, 2015 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

    Dear Mr.Sheridan, I am emailing you because Tommy Mason has been a loyal employee with Amerigasvfor 25 years. Tommy was let go on Tuesday March 10th. I he was told it was because he was caught on the phone, and he did not have his seat belt on. Your ompany puts the phones and camera.s in the trucks. The people in your office ring the phones over no over. Tommy is not a rule breaker in and out of the truck anyone could forget to put their seat belt on.. But to be termanated after 25 years you should need to check out his service record with your company the gallons of gas he has pumped the hours he has worked. He has only had 3 jobs. Your company did not look at he person and his record. I am a manager and before I would let someone go I would review the work history it was not done in your Disputanta office. I would come up with a plan of action for the employee. I know Mr. Sheridan I will never get a response from you but maybe you should talk to the staff in the disputanta office what type of manger Scott was and how happy they were when they found out he was leaving now he is a loyal employee no tears. Ellen Price has the worst attitude the staff started leaving this someone that moved from office to office she is just nasty but she has been promoted. Tommy was in the hospital Scott never called no visit nothing. I would like to talk to you. I am Tommy mason wife we have been maried for 30 years and all Tommy knows is propaine. You also have a employee that ran a stop sign and was on the phone hit a lady t-boned her car in the hospital and still has a job. Seem real fair. I would really like to talk to you.. 804-86-2311. Thank you, Lisa

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