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LP Gas: Uses Farther Afield

In case you’re interested in how propane is used around the world, the World LP Gas Association just put out a great report on the landscape and opportunities for propane in small islands in developing countries. Propane plays a very important role in these unique economic and geographic situations, and there is even more room for its use to grow. Propane can be quite cost effective compared to other energy sources, and along with its clean burning profile makes for a good fit for island economies that import most if not all of their energy needs.
The report goes into greater detail, but on a high-level basis propane is attractive because it is more easily transportable, has multiple uses such as heating and cooking, and is available at a lower cost than other energy sources, among other reasons.
Here is a breakdown of the types of energy used in different countries. Note that propane is included in the oil category.

Source: Menecon Consulting analysis based on EIA online data (

Looking more closely, propane is a large step up from some of the traditional fuels used in these island economies- referred to here as moving up the energy ladder. A great number of people and residences still rely on wood, charcoal, or crop waste, and switching to propane is not just great for their energy needs but for their health and quality of life as well.

Lastly, there is still plenty of room for propane to grow, as you can see in the below chart. If you want to check out the report, please do so. It is great to step outside of our own area and look at how others use the same product we do.


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